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Best Pie Iron aka Hobo Pie or Pudgy Pie

Best Pie Iron aka Pudgy Pie will making melting hot cheese sandwich. They are usually made with cast iron and goes right over the flame. Great for when you go out camping or just even at home. These long handle cookware are great for melting and heating any sandwich. They develop an outer crust with a gooey interior. The best thing about them is that they are easy to use. This article will list some of the things you should look for when purchasing a pie iron.

Best Pie Iron, Hobo Pie, Pudgy Pie List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Pie Iron available.

Rome Pie Iron (Best for Camping)

Rome Pie Iron are the classic Pie Iron. They use a heavy duty cast iron plate for durability. It comes pre seasoned and develops a great nonstick coating. The long handle ensures that your hand is away from the heat. You can use it while camping or at home. They come in a variety of shapes and models. A popular variety is the double sandwich model. However, a good quirky one is the hot dog model. If you are creative, you can make all sorts of weird food with hot dogs.

Toas-Tite 79357 Aluminum Sandwich Grill (Best Aluminum Model)

For a Aluminum Model, consider the Toas-Tite model. It is a replica of the original 1949 model. The Aluminum models are lighter and have superior heat distribution. After you cook it, it has a cool circular ring around the sandwich. Perfect for making an attractive sandwich for your guest.

Palmer Hobo Pie Iron Long Handle (Best Non Stick)

If you want one that wont stick, then consider the Palmer model. They have crimped edge to really seal in the content. The nonstick coating will ensure that nothing will stick at all. It also has a aluminum core for superior heat distribution. Best of all, its made in the USA.

What are Pie Iron

Pie Iron are known by a few name. Some variations are known as Pudgy Pie Iron or Hobo Pie iron. They are used to make a hot sealed sandwich. Most people associate it with the traditional cast iron clam with a long handle. One of the most popular one is the one manufactured by Rome Industry. They have been making these iron since the 1960’s and come with a variety of shape.

Other countries have similar variation of this design. In Australia for example, they have a version called the Jaffle Iron. While they were originally brand, now its in reference to any pressed sandwich.

Electrical Model and Variations

Modern variation of pie irons will be electrical. They are known as sandwich makers or toastie in the UK. Brevile is actually most known for these machine. You place a sandwich in the machine and it lights up when it reaches optimal cooking temperature. Interesting enough, breville is an Australian company.

Another type of Pie Irons are Panini press. It consists of two grill plates that are sandwiched together. These are the most well known variation these days. Instead of a sealed sandwich, they are pressed together and heated. The grill marks give it a distinct look and flavor.


Traditional Pie Irons are made of cast iron. These are the type you want if you plan on camp fire cooking. They are tougher and last longer than other metal. Not only that, they develop a nonstick coating overtime. Important when you are releasing the sandwich from the mold.

Pure Aluminum models are available. They generally have better heat conductivity than cast iron. However, they can warp if you overheat it. While it can develop a nonstick coating, it does not last as long as cast iron.

Electrical model usually use aluminum with a nonstick coating. They are designed more for ease of use rather than durability. The teflon coating usually ensures that nothing sticks. However, overtime the nonstick properties become less effective. Luckily, they are still made of aluminum and you can still use it.

How to Use a Pie Iron

Using a Pie Iron is pretty simple. Butter the exterior of two slices of bread. Then add the desired filling. It is recommended that you add things that will make it gooey like cheese. Load the toast into the iron and heat it up. Usually 3 minute one one side and 1 minute on the other will do. But its always best to check to see if its cooked properly. It will also prevent it from burning.

While savory variation are popular, sweet options are popular. You can try peanut better and jelly or smores variety. Just add marshmallow and chocolate for that classic campfire dish. I am pretty sure you can find some cinnamon bread to make it.

Cleaning, Rust and Seasoning

Since cast iron pie iron are the most common. There are some things to consider. Cast Iron should never be cleaned with harsh cleaner. A simple scrub with a nylon brush or salt and paper will do. If it gets really dirty, you can use mild dish soap.

For Cast Iron cookware, there is a thing called seasoning. It does two thing, develop a nonstick coating and it protects it from rust. If the seasoning should come off or if the pie iron is left in water, it can develop rust. In these situation, you can either use a Rust Eraser or get some sandpaper. If you have neither of these, you can try soaking it in vinegar for a day or two. They will typically come right off.

After removing the rust, it is highly recommended that you re season the iron. All you need to do is oil it and heat it up to smoking point. Remove it from the heat and repeat as necessary. With time, the seasoning should get better.

Best Pie Iron, Hobo Pie, Pudgy Pie Thoughts

Pie Iron are perfect for making hot sandwich. They will develop a delicious gooey interior and its perfect for camping. However, there many different models and variations. I personally prefer the cast iron for durability. They are perfect for coals or fire. Although if you plan on using it at home, aluminum are good as well. They offer superior heat distribution and its lighter. If you want a nonstick variety, consider palmer, I just wouldn’t use it for camping. The heat is too high.

I hope you like this Best Pie Iron aka Hobo Pie or Pudgy Pie article, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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