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Lodge Rust Eraser Review

I was intrigued when I saw that Lodge Instagram post about their “New Rust Eraser”. I have never encountered a eraser that can magically rub off Rust, in the past, I just used sand paper. However, further digging revealed that Lodge Rust Eraser is not something new. First of all, I saw post on facebook that commented on it in 2012. Second of all, it looks to be a similar product by other manufacture.

Lodge Rust Eraser Alternative

Knives collector often time would collect carbon steel knives that maintains an edge better than stainless steel knives. The downside to that is that it collects rust very easily. In order to combat this, they have been using a thing called the Sandflex Sanding Block. The one that was linked comes in different grit as oppose to just the one coarseness offered by lodge. In fact, if you look at the picture on Amazon, there are pictures of them using it on cast iron pans as well. Guess this eraser has been around for a while and lodge just decided to rebrand it. Although I can be wrong, they might have made a brand new product just for them, I highly doubt it though. The upside to Lodge Rust Eraser is that they have their logo on it.

Where to Buy Lodge Rust Eraser

So far, the only place that I was able to find it online is at Lodge’s website. As of this article, it was not available at amazon. If you factor in shipping, I think it might be cheaper and a better value if you went with a different brand of rust eraser. The Sandflex Sanding Block gives you three block with different grit. If you have amazon prime, you can get free shipping as well. I think for your money, that will be a better proposition.
Another good alternative is the Sabitoru Rust Eraser, there are a ton of videos on youtube of it being shown in action. All you have to do is rub the rust right off. It is quite affordable as well.

How to use Rust Eraser

Apparently the only thing that you need to do is dip the eraser in water and let it soak. After that, you just rub it onto the rust and it comes right off. You can see a video of how it works below.


These rust eraser are cheap, you can get it for around 5-10 dollar before shipping. For something that makes removing rust so easy, I highly recommend that you buy one. Rust on Cast Iron pans are a pain when they show up. If you dont remove it in a timely manner, it can permanently damage your pan. I would say this is a necessity if you intend on preserving your pan.

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