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Best Stroopwafel Iron

The Best Stroopwafel Iron makes thin and crispy waffels. You need something that can get hot enough and heavy enough to press it out. In european countries, you can often often find these irons made of cast irons. However, in America, most are made using either aluminum casting or an electrical machine. While you can get away with other waffle like iron like pizelle, those are not true Stroopwafel. This article will list some of the Best Stroopwafel Iron currently available.

Best Stroopwafel Iron List

Below you will find a list of some of the best Stroopwafel available.

Palmer Electric Cookie Iron Thin

Palmer a makes a commercial like quality Stroopwafel press. They are made in USA with cast aluminum plates. While they dont have a nonstick coating, they should last longer in the long run. Sticking are generally not an issue if you butter the plates properly before cooking. I recommend that you get the thin model but they also carry a medium thickness if you need it. Whats best about these machines is that they are made in USA.

If you plan on getting this machine, I recommend getting a 3.5 and 4.5 inch cutter so that you can cut the waffle to size.

NP-924 Commercial Electric Holland Muffin Machine Stroopwafel Maker

If you plan on cooking these waffle in a commercial setting, then this model is the way to go. This machine make a much larger waffle at 8 inch. You can make a wider variety of stuff or you can cut it to a smaller size. This model uses a 201 stainless steel so that it wont break down like the nonstick variety.

What are Stroopwafel?

Stroopwafel are Dutch Cookies originating from the city of Gouda. Two waffles are sandwiched between a layer of caramel. The end result is a sweet, crispy and gooey interior. The batter for the dough usually consists of Flour, Butter, Brown Sugar, Yeast, Milk and Egg.

It is said that Stroopwafel was invented by Gerard Kamphuisen around the 18th century. It was dutch answer to their very own version of a waffle.

Because of Dutch colonization, Indonesia has their own version of this called wafel setrop.

How to Make Stroopwafel

Making these waffles are pretty simple as long as you have the right tool. Heat up the iron and then place a dollop in the center. Lower the lever and smash it flat and thin. When its done cooking, remove it from the heat and use a ring to make a perfect circle. Slice it in half and fill it with the caramel syrup. Once the caramel cools, it should harden and glue the waffle together.

Eating Stroopwafel and Uses

You can eat the waffle by itself. However, it is recommended that it gets slightly heated to melt the caramel. You can rest it on top of your tea or coffee to warm it.

Another popular way to eat it is via ice cream. The soft ice cream is a perfect blend with the sticky and goey waffle. However, it is recommended that you cut it into smaller pieces. McDoanlds had a McFlurry that featured the Stroopwafel . Unfortunately those were a limited release and no longer available.

Stroopwafel Iron Design

There are a few design available, but because of its relative scarcity, your choices are limited in America. The most common variety in european countries are cast iron. Those irons have a circular base that goes on top of a heat source. When you are done cooking on one side, you pivot on that base.

In Commercial settings, the machines are usually electric. Those machine generally make much larger waffles than the domestic variety. The power rating of those machine are typically 1500 watts and higher to ensure fast and even heat. Even though its more durable, if you do not plan on cooking it day in and out, they are not necessary. Some of these commercial model comes with a square design. These are better since you should be cutting the waffle to size. You get a better workflow out of these.

Small electric models are the most common one in America. They make small size waffles for individual portion. These models can come with either a aluminum or nonstick finish. However, I recommend that you get the bare aluminum model. They can be seasoned to have a nonstick coating. Besides, its unlikely that it will stick if its cooked properly.

These models come in a different thickness setting. I recommend that you get the thin variety. They get crispy better than the thicker variety.

One thing to note is that the shape of the waffle. While they are generally circular, you should get a ring cutter. Usually there are overflow of batter that cause it to be misshapen.

Best Stroopwafel Iron Thoughts

These are some of the Best Stroopwafel available on the market. The list is a little bit limited but because of the lack of popularity here, your choices are a little limited. There are a lot of other maker like the pizelle or the Krumkake Iron, however, they dont have the true design of the Stroopwafel. You can still use them though. Just get one that best suits your need.

I hope you like this Best Stroopwafel Iron article, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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