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Best Bubble Waffle Maker

The Best Bubble Waffle Maker comes in many different configuration. In a professional kitchen, they might use giant electric model. However, street vendors in hong kong still use the traditional iron pan. They come in many different configuration from cast iron to aluminum. All of them work, but comes with their own quirk. For example, cast iron has a natural nonstick but are heavy. Aluminum is light but they tend to stick. This article will discuss the pros and cons of the different material and how they affect cooking.

Best Bubble Waffle Maker List

Below, you will find a list of some of the best Bubble Waffle Maker Available. It will be categorized by the different configuration.

Nordic Ware Egg Waffle Pan

In this category, Nordic Ware is the best choice. Theirs is made in USA and it carries a ten year warranty. This should take care of any worry about the nonstick coating failing. If it does, you can get it replaced. The pan itself is cast aluminum ensuring that it provides excellent heat distribution. Best of all, you can flip it easily unlike other model.

ALDKitchen Bubble Waffle Maker (Roatating Hinge)

If you want a electrical model, then consider aldkitchen model. Its metal construction and professional grade material makes it one of the best electrical model available. The hinge iron lets you flip and create the perfect bubble waffle. This model also features 1400 watts of power for quick and even heat.

Cucina Pro Bubble Waffle Maker

If you are limited on space and want a bubble waffler maker, cucina pro is the way to go. They manufacturer quite a number of waffle makers. There is also indicator lights to tell you when its ready to cook. You can probably flip it due to its small size.

What are Bubble Waffles?

Bubble Waffles are a iconic dish throughout Asia. In Hong Kong they are called Gai Dan Jai (้›ž่›‹ไป”), which translate to Chicken Egg. In the states, they can be called waffle puff, egg puff, egg waffle, egglet or even puffle. They are waffles shaped like a honey comb with round puff as divider. Hong Kong people from young to old all have fond memories of eating them. They come in many different varieties. You can tear them apart and eat them separately or even use them as a cone. Filling varies from ham to ice cream. It really depends on the vendor and your taste.


While it is a relatively new dish, most do not know of its origin. There are claims that it originate from hawkers trying to save time and money. They did not want to waste broken eggs, so they mixed flour and butter and baked it into a mold. Other say that it was made in a egg shape form to make up for the lack of eggs. Ironically, the batter actually contain egg. Nevertheless, the general consensus is that it was invented during the 1950’s in Hong Kong.

The basic ingredients for most bubble waffle are flower, baking powder, sugar, milk and butter. The content will vary depending on the recipe.

How to use Bubble Waffle Maker

Making Waffle Puff is pretty simple. However, there are certain steps you need to follow. First you need to get the pan hot before pouring in the batter. Once its hot, pour in the batter and them immediately flip it. If done correctly, the top of the egg waffle should be crisp, the bottom should have a cake like texture. You want a mixture of texture and flavor to get a really good waffle puff. If it is not crispy, make sure that the pan is heated hot enough. The cooking time of the food will vary depending on the bubble waffle maker.

Some electric models dont allow you to do that. They are designed more to be stationary. If you do plan on getting a electric model, get the one that rotates on a hinge. This way, you can flip it after pouring the batter.

Different type of Bubble Waffle Maker

There are two main type of Bubble Waffle Maker, electric and pan. The pan comes in a few different configuration. It can range from cast iron to aluminum with nonstick. If you can, I recommend that you get the cast iron variety. They are the most durable and can develop a nonstick. Bare aluminum are good but they can warp with high heat. Aluminum with nonstick are even worse, the coating can fail overtime. However, if you want ease of use, they are the way to go. The worse part is that in the America Market, those are the only version you can get.

For the electric models, they are the same design as normal waffle maker, just with different mold. At its core, how it work is that a heating element is power via electricity. There is a thermostat switch that will indicate when its done or when it reaches operating temperature. In this category, there are two type of electric bubble waffle maker. The stationary and the hinge type. Most if not all restaurant will use the hinge type. The flip is crucial for making the perfect bubble waffle. If you do not do that, the texture will be off. For that reason, I highly advise you avoid the stationary one.

Which Type to Get?

I personally prefer the cast iron gas model, but they are available in America. As such, you are pretty much only limited to the nonstick version. The good thing is that they are light and easy to flip. Not really true for the cast iron model. Get this if you plan on making it occasionally.

If you plan on cooking on the table, then the electric model might work for you. Just be aware that the hinge models are big and take up a lot of space. The stationary model are smaller but they make inferior waffle puff. If you plan on making it commercial, then a commercial unit is best. They can handle the rigor of everyday use. You should obviously get the hinge model in this situation.

Best Bubble Waffle Maker Thoughts

Making Bubble waffle at home is pretty easy. You just need the right tools. However, there are many options available. The one I recommend for home use is the hand model. They are easy to use and the most durable. But, if you want a electric model, be sure to get the hinge one. This way you can flip it easily. But if you are limited on space, then the small one is a good option. Some of them you might be able to flip. You should get one that best suits your need.

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