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Smeg Kettle Review

Smeg Kettle is taking the world by storm. Its beautiful Italian design and color is eye catching to say the least. It boils water quickly and features all sorts of fancy light. However, is all this flair and flamboyancy any good? At its core, the kettle design is still the same as any other electric kettle. It consists of a heating element that boils water. Which begs the question, is it worth the price that they are asking? This review takes a closer look at Smeg’s Kettle Design and discuss whether its worth it in your kitchen.

Smeg Kettle Review Quick Summary

ColorsVarious Color
Brand AwarenessUSA and Europe
Temperature Settings212 Degree Fahrenheit. The Upgraded Model has Variable Temperature SEtting.
Power1500 Watts
ThoughtsA pretty electric kettle with colors to match any household. It has all the features a kettle should need. What I like most is its powerful 1500 watts power. However, it is a bit expensive.
Reviewed CookwareSmeg KLF03CRUS 50’s Retro Style Aesthetic Electric Kettle with Embossed Logo

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How Does an Electric Kettle Work?

Most older kettle design has a coil integrated into the kettle itself. As electricity runs through it, resistance increase and heats up the water. Modern version might have a separate base, but that base is there only to close a circuit. In the kettle itself, there is still a heating coil. The benefit to this separate design is that you can leave the cord behind and bring the kettle anywhere without unplugging it.

Modern day kettles will have a thermostat installed. Once it reaches a set temperature, it will automatically shut off. Some older model will not have a thermostat. They were a bit of a hazard as people constantly forget to unplug it.

The reason why electric kettle is more efficient then a traditional stove top is its close loop design. Since the system in enclosed, steam is trapped better. As such, this increases the rate at which water boils at. If you are looking for speed, electric water kettles are the way to go.

Are Smeg Kettle Any Good?

As a Kettle, it does its job. You plug it in and it powers on. It comes with a few features that other models dont have. Such as heating indicator lights, filter and a removable base. These are extra features that usually drive up the cost. If these things are important, then its a pretty well designed kettle. However, if you intend to just boil water, they are not really necessary. What I am most impressed by is the power rating.

Power and Safety

In terms of power, the kettle is pretty powerful. It features 1500 watts of power. This is almost the maximum power output allowed by a wall socket (1800 watts). I’m actually quite impressed by this. A lot of time, manufacturer will cheap out on this to try and save cost. Its quite refreshing that they are putting so much into the kettle.

Smeg Kettle uses a cordless design. The heating element is hidden inside the kettle itself. If you look at in from the inside, you will see a clean base. Underneath that should be the heating coil. The base is there to house the coil and close the circuit to power it on.

There are also quite a few safety features that sets them apart from the competition. One is the auto shut off via the thermostat. Once it reaches 212°F it will automatically shut off. If it detects no water, it will shut off as well. One disappointing thing is that the lower models do not have a variable temperature setting. The upgraded model does have variable temperature settings. However, that is almost twice the cost…

Why are Smeg Kettle so Expensive?

It seems like smeg is taking a page out of Le Creuset. They offer a wide range of attractive color and design. Pair that with an Italian Design, it gives a perception of quality and performance. Which is what really drives sales. While I think its over priced for what it is, lots of people will overlook this for design. I myself am guilty of this and have bought things base on look itself. However, in terms of build quality, I am a little ambivalent about it.

Lime Scales and Leaving Water in the Kettle

Overtime, your kettle will develop a white film. That is usually calcium or other mineral deposit from harsh water. This happens if you just dry it out without washing it. If you hand wash and dry it after use, it wont have this issue.

Luckily, getting rid of limescale is pretty easy. You can buy some citric cleaner or just boil some white vinegar and let it sit overnight. It will eventually rub off. Generally, I recommend that you just wash it after use. Limescale can damage the paint and cause it to rust.

After boiling, I recommend that you empty the Kettle. When you boil water, only water turns into steam and escape not the mineral. If you just top it off, you will increase the mineral content of the water. Some might like the taste but if you want to maintain a consistent flavor, then drain it after use. Besides, you should wash it.

Smeg Kettle Review Thoughts

Overall, the Kettle is pretty good. The beautiful colors and features makes it the Le Creuset of the Electric Kettle. However, it is a little bit expensive for a electric kettle. Whether all the extra features is worth the cost depends on you. I personally am happy with a lower cost model by Bonavita. That model has a gooseneck for precision pouring.

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I hope you like this Smeg Kettle Review, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

One Comment on “Smeg Kettle Review

Neila Morana
January 26, 2024 at 6:44 am

2 big flaws, especially given the price of the kettle are 1- the outer casing becoming too hot, so if you have weak hands you will have difficulty pouring a full kettle and 2- because the filter slot leaves a gap where ants can crawl in. This happens to us regularly and is quite a turnoff! When I reached out to Smeg about this their reply stated they were sorry but all kettles have that happen. I’d have to say that is not true as I’ve never had that issue with other kettles I’ve owned before and frankly, don’t care to use water that has basically cooked ants… this makes it a waste of a lot of money for me.


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