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Best Scone Baking Pan

The Best Scone Baking Pan will produce fluffy and light scone each time. They come in a variety of shapes. The most common one sold in the markets are circular. But really, they can be anything from triangles to a square. It really depends on the type of pan that you have. In the market, they come in a wide variety of material. The most common one these days are aluminum, but you can still find cast iron varieties. This article will list some of the Best Scone Baking Pan around.

Best Scone Baking Pan List

Below you will find a list of the Best Scone Baking Pan. I will list them by the most popular shape. While I personally like cast iron, the nonstick is the easiest to cook with. I recommend that for anyone who wants a hassle free baking.

USA Pan Bakeware Mini Round Cake (Best Round Scone Pan)

Nothing Beats USA Pan for bakeware. Their nonstick coating is one of the most durable in the industry. They also brown things like no other pan. If you want an easy way to make a perfectly round scone, this is the way to go. Best of all, this pan is made in the USA! You can make 12 scones per sheet.

Lodge Cast Iron Mini Cake Pan (Best Cast Iron Circular Model)

For that traditional round scone. Lodge mini cake pan will fit the job. You can bake 7 scones at once and it can dual as a egg pan. You can use that circular ring to make your very own mc sconfin (Play on Mc Muffin). The other section can be used to bake bacon as well. The only bad thing is that it seems to be always out of stock.

Nordic Ware Scottish Scone Pan

Nordic Ware is one of the largest Scandinavian bake ware manufacturer around. They invented the all popular bundt pan has been producing cookware for over half a century. Their scone pan is perfect for those who wants a triangle shape scones. If you want, they also have a mini scone version for making miniature scones. They are cute and loved by all.

Lodge L8CB3 Seasoned Cornbread Pan (Best Cast Iron Triangle Scone)

If you want a cast iron model. Then Lodge makes a nearly indestructible pan. While its designed more for cornbread, you can still make scones in them. As you cook in the pan, the nonstick coating will get better and better.

USA Pan Bakeware Aluminized Steel Mini Loaf Pan (Best Loaf Shape)

If you are looking for a mini loaf of bread. This rectangular pan by USA pan will make 8 of them. They have a excellent performing nonstick finish that will work for years. You can be sure to get the best even browning out of all the pan out there.

What are Scones?

Scones are a Scottish bread made with a wheat or baking powder. They are commonly eaten at breakfast with jam or butter with a side of tea or coffee. While it is eaten commonly in the UK. It is relatively scarce in the state side. Most will mistaken it for just plain biscuits. Scones are a little more dense and dry then biscuits. It also lacks the flaky quality that biscuits have. While this might sound bad, you can sometimes find scones with bits of dried fruits or other item incorporated into it. It has its own distinct texture that biscuits lacks.

How to Eat Scones

My favorite way to eat scones is with simple jam and butter. However, savory varieties are good also. Topping it with cheese and eggs are a good choice if you want a simple sandwich. You can also pair scones with salty food like fried chicken or sea food. Anything that would work for a traditional biscuits can work for scones.

Different Scone Baking Pan Material

There are quite a few scone baking pan material. The one you choose should depends on your need. The most common these days are aluminum with a nonstick coating. In professional kitchen, carbon steel or cast iron are more common. They develop a nonstick coating overtime and has no issue with release. Recently, silicone varieties are getting more popular. They rarely stick and you can unmold it with relative ease. However, caution should be taken if the color of the scones are important. Since silicone do not transmit heat as well, they cant brown as well as the metal versions.

Which Shape to Get?

The shape depends on you. As stated before, the most common one is the circular one. But triangles, squares and rectangular are common as well. What you should take into account is the baking time. If the shape is particularly larger, you might have to bake it at an extended amount of time. The choice of material will affect overall baking time also. With Silicone taking the longest.

Best Scone Baking Pan List Thoughts

Scones are a great for breakfast. There are many different sizes and materials out there. However, I recommend that you stick with the nonstick or cast iron variety. The former is the easiest to bake with but cast iron are the most durable. I personally would avoid the silcione version but its great if you want something easy to unmold. As for the shape, it wont really matter, just get one that you like. The most traditional one is the circular one. However, I have a preference to the mini loaf. Its like your getting a miniature loaf of bread.

I hope you like this article on the Best Scone Baking Pan. If you would like to see more, please check out ourBest Cast Iron Corn Bread Pan article.

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