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Kuhn Rikon’s Garlic Press Review

Having been a garlic press converter, I always reach for a garlic press over a knife when it comes to mincing. Nothing beats the convenience that it gives. The naysayers will say that cleaning the garlic press will take more time than using a knife, but the trick I found to clean it is to just run the mesh hopper over the faucet and it will clean fairly easily. Kuhn Rikon’s Garlic Press is rated by America Test Kitchen as one of the best garlic press you can buy. So I decided to give it a try and took a closer look at its design and features. There was also a surprised when I compared this garlic press with Rosle version.


The first thing I noticed when looking at it is that it looks like a banana due to the shape of the handle. Given as such, this banana shape handle is incredibly comfortable in the hand. The brushed texture gives it a slight grip when holding it.
When you squeeze the handle close, there is a small chance where you can clamp your hand together. I tried to do this on purpose and was only able to do it a handful of times.
When the handles are fully extended to expose the hopper, you can feel the sharp edges of the handles in the corner. A better job deburring the handle corners could have been done.
The hinges are well made and have a clean fluid motion when extending it.
The hopper is where it gets interesting, it looks like the same exact one as the one you get in the Rosle model. It even carries the same patent number on it.

I would not be surprised if they source the product design from the same manufacturer and just switch the handle.

Fit and Finish

Fit and Finish is excellent. The lower portion is brushed beautifully with their logo near the top. The upper portion is polished giving a nice contrast. The inner portion of the handle however was not brushed properly and it looks like it was attempted poorly. The inner corners of the handle could have been more deburred better to give it a more rounded edge.

2 Comments on “Kuhn Rikon’s Garlic Press Review

Neil Katin
March 17, 2020 at 2:12 pm

You may have been testing a fake garlic press. Several folks on the amazon page you linked mentioned that presses with the Swiss flag logo broke; replacements from the manufacturer did not have that logo on it.

Curated Cook
March 17, 2020 at 2:29 pm

Interesting, I will go over to Sur La Table to see if theres are any difference. I will update when I find out!

Update: I contacted the Kuhn Rikon, they stated that as long as it was shipped and sold from amazon, its real. This should mean that the logo was part of the Garlic Press designed. They probably updated it due to the issues.


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