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Rosle Garlic Press Old Style

Garlic is one of the most flavor boosting ingredients in the kitchen. It will transfer any standard dish into an amazingly fragrant dish. When you crush it, a chemical compound called allicin is activated and produce the smell. However, peeling and mincing garlic is a task that most cooks tend to avoid. Some say that a developed knife skills can easily be faster than any press due to the amount of cleaning involved. However, in my experience nothing beats the convenience of a garlic press. Rosle and many other manufacturer have made their own version of garlic press to try to circumvent this issue. In this review, we will be looking at Rosle Garlic Press and see how it was designed and constructed.

Rosle Garlic Press Review Set Quick Summary

Rosle Garlic Press
ColorsStainless Steel/td>
WarrantyLife Time Warranty
Brand AwarenessEurope and America
Country of ManufacturerUse to be Germany now China
ThoughtsA great garlic press that shares the same component as Khun Rikon. Both can mince garlic however Khun Rikon has a slight edge. The biggest issue is how the handle flexes. Other than that its fine. Most of amazon bad reviews are due to the manufacturing being in China.
Reviewed CookwareRosle Garlic Press No Scrapper

Rosle Garlic Press Design

Handle Ergonomic and Durability

Rosle Garlic press uses the same basic handles as most of Rosle’s products. When you squeeze it all the way, you can feel the handles flex inward, something that does not inspire confidence in its durability. However, it is still very comfortable and it wont clamp your hands together like the garlic press made by Khun Rikon.

Rosle vs. Kuhn Rikon Garlic Press

The hopper that is used in this press looks exactly the same as the one used in Kuhn’s Rikon Garlic press. In fact, it shares the same patent stamp as Kuhn’s Rikon Garlic Press. “Patented GB2355921”.

If you place the two garlic press together, the hopper look almost exactly the same. I am guessing that they just contacted a main manufacturer for the hopper and designed a handle around that. It is often cheaper to just use an existing design then manufacturer your own. I wouldn’t even be surprised if these two garlic press are made in the same factory.

How this Garlic press works is that the flat side of the hopper presses the garlic through the mesh plate. At the end of the press, there are notches where it connects and holds the handle in place, this prevents the handle from swinging around.

The great thing about this design is that this garlic press can be expanded fully. As you can see below, the mesh plate can be positioned in a place where it can be easily cleaned. All you need to do is scrub that area and you are done cleaning.

Near the bottom of the hopper, there is a ridge there. If you use a knife to try and remove the garlic, the knife will always pass through the corner. A small portion of crushed garlic will always be left over. Something minor but annoying nonetheless.

Rosle Garlic Press with Scrapper or Wiper

There are currently two version of Rosle Garlic press. The one that I am reviewing is the older version. However, if you get the Garlic Press with the Scraper, it eliminates the need to run a knife through the hopper.

The newer model with the scraper is an interesting design. As you squeeze the handles together, the scrapers come down and swipe the garlic off. Its a bar design so that it wont dull overtime but I am not sure of its effectiveness. Here is a video I took of the scraper in action.

Fit and Finish

As with every Rosle items, the fit and finish is excellent. It feels substantial in the hand and feels well made. The handle is finished in brushed steel with the hopper in polished steel. There are no overly sharp edges to cut your hand either.


Weight: Approximately 306 Grams
Length: Approximately 7 inches minus the loop

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