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Best Scissor and Kitchen Shears

Every Chef will tell you that the knife is a cooks best friend. It should be able to cut, dice and open just about anything. However, even though they think that the knife is a do it all tool, there are time where a Kitchen Shear will outperform a knife. From cutting open bags, spatchcocking a chicken, sometimes shear are just better, not to mention safer. But not all Kitchen Shears are the same, from the handle comfort to performance, there is a wide range of difference between a poor scissor and a exceptional one. Best Scissor and Kitchen Shears should be fully metal with the option to pull apart.

What is a Kitchen Shear or Scissor?

This is a pretty simple question isnt it? Its a device used to cut object. However, what most people dont realize that its actually two blades put together. Some come apart, most stay attached. What suprises most people is that you can sharpen it. There are even craftsman who custom make scissor. Usually those are old Japanese or English artisan. Their stuff are usually designed to do specific task like hair, bonsai or even paper. However, there is rarely any that specialize in kitchen task.

Today, most scissor are mass produce. Most are made in China and they generally work well. The higher grade of scissors are usually made in Germany, England or Japan. But even then, they are rarely hand made. If you want to see a glimpse of the manufacturing, you can watch the video below.

Kitchen Shear vs Scissor

Is there a difference between a scissor and shear. Technically yes. Scissors has two equal sized finger holes and can be any length. For Shears, one hole size is larger than the other and the blade length is 6 inch and above. But for most people, its the same and people use the word interchangeably.

Kitchen Shear and Scissor Use

There are quite a few things you can use a scissor for. The most popular is cutting open a bag. Pretty simple and any kitchen shear will do. However, for tougher task, you need a more robust scissor. Things like cutting bones or just spatchcocking a chicken requires a tougher scissor. If you try doing this with lower grade scissor, they flex and warp. For more simple task, you can use it to cut herbs, hot dogs, noodles or just about anything. However, for raw meat, I still recommend using a knife.

Sharpening Kitchen Shear

There are a few ways to sharpen the knife. However, these methods are usually not recommend for the novice. One of the more challenging way is to sharpen it with a sharpening stone. If you know how to use it, its the best way. It takes off the least amount of steel and gives you a razor sharp performance. But do it wrong, and you will soon find that there is a gap in your scissor. Then, it will cut improperly and be loose when in your hand. You need to sharpen it along the curvature of the scissor.

Another tool that you can use is those manual sharpener. Its easier to use for novices and generally works relatively well. These work for cheaper scissor. But for higher grade one, send it out to sharpen. There are a few options on the market. But I find that the AccuSharp model is pretty good.

Pull Apart and Metal Scissor

There are a few different scissor option available. The most popular type that is used for Kitchen is the Metal Variety with a pull part option. Being able to pull it apart means that its easier to clean. No stuck food or hard to clean crevices. Some scissor are has plastic handle but not all are created equal. As long as they used a beefy plastic it should be good. But generally, the metal options are better.

Best Scissor and Kitchen Shears List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Scissor and Kitchen Shears. There are a few options available, get one that best suits you.

Yoshihiro All Stainless Steel Pull-Apart Japanese Kitchen Shears/Scissors 7.5 Inch (190mm) – Made in Japan (Best Overall)

Yoshihiro is one of the few manufacturer around that hand makes their scissor. The steel is made with heavy duty stainless steel so that it wont rust or stains. You can also pull it apart so that it can be easily cleaned. Edges are slightly serrated so that it will cut better. However, the downside is that its harder to sharpen. You probably have to send it in to do it.

Wusthof WU5558 Kitchen Shears, 8″ (Best Buy)

Yoshihiro is great, but its also expensive. Wusthof makes a good alternative. They are known for their scissor and they dont fail with this scissor. It feels beefy in your hand and it does not flex like those cheaper knives. I also have no problem cutting up chicken bones with this. Its also great for general cutting.


Scissors are great for novices and expert alike. It makes quick work of cutting bags, vegetables, bones and meat. While some might look down on a scissor, it still has a place in your kitchen. In my opinion, the metal ones that pull apart are the best. Yoshihiro is one of the few manufacturer that still hand makes them. If you want the best, then you wont be disappointed by the quality. However, for a more affordable option, the model by Wusthof is a good alternative.

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