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Best Jar Opener Tool

Jars are great, they revolutionized how we eat. They make food that is quickly spoiled can now last years. As a result, we can store tons of food and eat it when fresh food is scarce. However, these jars can sometimes be difficult to open. Whether its due to arthritis or just weak arm strenght. Sometimes we can use some help. Some Jar Opener have teeth that shred the lid, other use notch that latch onto the lid. The Best Jar Opener Tool should be able to open jar without causing too much damage to the lid.

Why Do Jars Get stuck?

A important part of making food last long is killing bacteria. How manufacturer do this is by a process called pasteurization. It was invented by the scientist Pasteur. He found that by heating wine, it will kill any microorganism that might cause food to spoil. Manufacturer and hobiest canner will often time boil jars to kill the bacteria. As this is done, the pressure in the jar decrease due to expansion and the pressure in our atmosphere push down on the lid. As the difference in pressure increase, it creates a seal sucking the lid in.

Sometimes the pressure is greater than usual causing the lid to get stuck on jar. Other times, it was just tighten too tightly. Either way, its a pain to get off.

Different Ways of Opening a Jar

There are many home remedies of opening a jar. When I was a kid, the popular way is tapping the lid on the counter. By tapping it, you can break the seal of the lid. This doesnt always work as it can shatter the glass. Another method is using a towel. Our hand can become greasy and it slips as we turn. By using a towel, we can increase the grip on it. I have also heard of people using knives or spoon to relieve the pressure. But I question the safety of it.

Different Type of Jar Opening Tool

One of the oldest way of opening jars is also the easiest. It works like a ratchet and as you pull on it, the grip tightens. Once it gets a firm grip, the handle acts as a lever. This gives you leverage letting you twist it off without much effort. The problem with this method is that it leaves a tiny mark on the lid. Bad if you want the lid in pristine shape.

If you want to keep the jar perfect, then a simple rubber sheet work. This works by improving the grip on the jar. What would normally slip now latches on. Its very similar to using a towel but a bit more effective. Its great if you want to keep the lid intact. However, you do need a bit of elbow grease to work.

Finally there are the V shape type of lid. You shove the jar into the crevices and the hooks latches onto the lid. These hook can damage the lid if youre not careful. They make these variants with handles or one that mounts to a cabinet. Either work but does cause some damage.

Best Jar Opener Tool List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Jar Opener Tool. I have included one in each category. Thankfully all are pretty affordable. Choose one that best suits you.

Swing-A-Way Comfort Grip Jar Opener (Best Overall)

Swing A Way is maker of the ever popular can opener. While there are many better can opener these day, their jar opener is still the best. It works via a ratcheting mechanism. Once it latches on, you twist and it pops off. In my experience it works each time without much effort from you. The downside to this is that it leaves two marks on the jar lid.

Prepworks by Progressive Jar Grips Multi-Purpose Lid Openers (Best Damage Free Jar Opener)

These rubber grip Progressive is a simple but effective tool. It has a few different shape that works on many different jar. Once you get a firm grip, you should be able to open most jar. The problem is that sometimes lids are just stuck. In those case, use some more muscle…

EZ Off Jar Opener – Under Cabinet Jar Lid & Bottle Opener (Easiest to Use Jar Opener)

EZ off Jar Opener is the easiest to use. Just pop it in and twist the jar. Since the glass will give you a good grip, its unlikely to slip. Plus when you mount it, it remains stable and stationary. The two downside is that it can cause damage to the lid. Another issue is that you need to install it. Some people do not have the tools or experience. The adhesive should only be used as a way to hold it in place when installing. It wont last if you only use the adhesive.


There are many jar openers on the market. My favorite is the classic swing a way. Its easy to use and effortless. However, it does leave a damage. If thats an issue for you, then getting a rubber sleeve might be a good choice. The problem is that you still need arm strength. In those situation, try to use the one that can be mounted on a shelf. Just jam it in and twist. Just be aware that it can damage the lid if you’re not careful.

Looking for a way to cover your jars and bowls, check out our article on the Best Silicone Lid for Jars and Bowls.

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