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Best Silicone Lid for Bowls, Jars, Pyrex and More

One of the Best Way to keep food fresh is by covering. We all grew up with the all so popular saran wrap. However, in recent years, formula change has render them not as effective as the old one. Not only that, its a bit of waste. You only contribute to the landfill by constantly using it. The more eco friendly alternative would be to buy a Silicone Lid. There are a few models on the market, some with suction and other wraps around the lid. The Best Silicone Lid should be able to protect your food while preventing spillage.

How Do Silicone Lid Work

There are two type of Silicone Lid, one via works like a saran wrap. You pull it tight over the lid and it keeps the content sealed. The other works via suction. Once you place the lid over the container, the slight suction keeps it in place. However, a simple break in the seal will cause the suction to get lost.

Suction vs Wrap

In terms of performance, I would say that the wrap is more effective. Once you place it over the container, it can hold water in even upside down. However, the main issue is how difficult it is to get on. For Best Results, you need to get one slightly smaller than the container. This often leads to struggle when you place it over the object.

The other suction lid is a lot easier to place on. Just place it over the cup then push down on the center. This will push the air out and create a slight suction. In the center, there is a slight knob so you can pull on it. There are a lot of videos online of people holding it via that knob. I highly do not recommend you do so. While it might work, its too easy for the seal to be broken.

Another benefit that the Wrap type of Silicone Lid has is the stacking ability. Although you cant place heavy object, light stuff like bread will still work. Very effective if you have limited fridge space. The Suction model knob just gets in the way. Theyre better for covering cups and other room temp container.

Safe to use Silicone Lid?

A concern that a lot of people have about plastic lid is safety. They are worried that the plastic will transfer chemical and possible poison people. The good thing is that almost all of the lid is BPA Free, non toxic and Food Safe. The possibility of it melting is also quite slim. Since you arent cooking with the lid, its rare for it to reach temperature of over 500 degree Fahrenheit. Most Silicone Product has a temperature rating of around 600 degree Fahrenheit so it should be safe for the oven. However, I would check the recommendation from each manufacturer. Just because it wont melt does not mean its a good idea.

Best Silicone Lid List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Silicone Lid. They all work pretty well, pick one that appeals to you the most.

Silicone Stretch Lids, 18 Pack Reusable Silicone Lids (Best Overall)

For General Covering, this generic 18 pack has all that you need. They come in multiple size so it should fit any diameter. I recommend you pick something slightly smaller than the container for a nice tight seal. I wouldnt hesitate to put this in the fridge and stack light stuff on. This model is food grade as well so you dont have to worry about toxic.

Silicone Bowl Lids Blue Set of 5 Reusable Suction Seal Covers for Bowls (Best for Cups)

Simple things like drinks should be covered. If not, dust will get in and contaminate the flavor. Not only will bacteria growth be worse, dust will get in. By using a simple cover, you are preserving the flavor. The top has a convenient to grab handle, however, I will still personally support it. Its too easy to break the seal.

Elite Gourmet Rectangular Silicone Suction Lids and Food Covers (Best for Rectangular Dish)

When you have a rectangular container, these suction are actually better than the wrap. Finding one that just fits that shape is really annoying. Using these suction type of lid is quicker and more effective. As with the other suction lid, do not rely on the knob, but rather support it. These only come in a larger size, but they should work just as well on the smaller container.


These Silicone lid are a great way of preserving the freshness of food. While I think the wrap model, they are a bit cumbersome to use. You struggle to get it on and finding a proper rectangular one is annoying. In this instance, a suction type of lid is better. They work quickly and works well enough to protect the food from containment. For cups, a round circular lid is very handy to have around. You can drink it at night and wake up to a fresh drink.

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