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Best Wok Ring

Woks are great tools. They can fry, stir fry, deep fry, boil and steam. However, traditional woks are not designed for the home kitchen. Its meant to be used on professional wok concave base. As a result, the bottom of traditional woks are round. This makes cooking at home difficult. Luckily, there are wok rings that take care of this. Its a simple ring so that a round bottom wok can fit easily on a home range.

What is the Purpose of a Wok Ring?

The purpose of a Wok Ring is to stabilize a round wok. If you try to use a round bottom wok, it will rock and fall off. Not only is this impractical, it can be dangerous with scalding hot oil. With a Ring, it holds the round bottom in place.

Does it Improve Performance?

Yes and No. The performance increase is due to its ability to hold the heat better. However, this does nothing in terms of the heating performance. You wont magically get the performance of a professional range.

Should I use a Wok Ring?

If you already have a round bottom wok then yes. However, if you are deciding on what wok to buy, then just buy a flat bottom wok. Flat bottom woks will get hotter and generally perform better. But a Wok Ring is a good alternative.

What Size Wok Ring should you get?

You should get a Wok Ring that is approximately 4 inch smaller than the diameter of your wok. Most Wok Rings are reversible. Although it is better for the bottom of the Ring to be bigger than the top.

Wok Ring on Electric Stove Top

No, it wont work. Electric stove needs to be in direct contact with a Wok. Generally, you should avoid using a Wok on a Electric Stove top.

Best Wok Ring List

To tell you the truth, these rings are not very complex. So basically any one you get is good. Below, you will find a list of the top rated one. You really cant go wrong.

New Star International NCWS9 Steel Wok Rack, 7¾-Inch and 9¾-Inch Reversible Size (Best Overall)

A simple and effective ring. While its not consider heavy duty, it should last the life of your wok. If not, its not too expensive to replace.

MCAMPAS Cast Iron Wok Support Ring

These rings are generally better made. However, you need one of those grid trivet to work. But if you can use it, its more stable and perform better. The other model is more universal.


If you already have a Round Bottom Woks. These Rings will make all the difference. Since theyre all pretty much the same, just get one that fits you. Remember get one that is roughly 4 inch smaller than the diameter of your wok. Its a necessity if you dont have a flat bototm wok.

Looking for a true electric wok? Check out our article on the Best Induction Wok.

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