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Best Poffertjes Pan aka Mini Pancake

The Best Poffertjes Pan is nonstick, hold heats well and has shallow depth. While its commonly confused with a aebleskiver pan, the shape is quite different. Instead of a circular ball, Poffertjes is flat and resembles that of a puffed up pancake. There are quite a few options available on the market, from nonstick to carbon steel. All the different metals will affect how it is cooked. The model that you buy should really depend on your personal preference. This article will go in depth on what makes the Best Poffertjes Pan.

Best Poffertjes Pan List

This section will list the Best Poffertjes Pan categorized by Metal.

Cast Iron (Koopman)

They are my personal favorite. The heavy cast iron construction means that it will hold the heat well and last forever. The two loop handles are comfortable and lets you transport it easily. The dimples are shallow enough for a true Poffertjes Pan. Not deep like a aebleskiver pan. Just be aware that when you start cooking, you need to heat it up slowly. You should also keep up with the seasoning to have the best performance.

Carbon Steel (De Buyer)

De Buyer is one of the oldest French cookware manufacturer around. Their carbon steel construction means that it has properties much like cast iron at half the weight. While the dimple are a little too shallow, you can still make a good Poffertjes. You need to season like the cast iron pan for a nonstick finish. This is a great light weight option for those who dont like heavy things. It will also last pretty much forever.

Nonstick (Patisse)

The nonstick pan are the easiest to use. However, they are also the most flimsy. The nonstick performance is pretty much unrivaled. If you only plan to cook it every once in a while, this is a good option. However, if you want something to last, go for a cast iron or carbon steel one.

What are Poffertjes or Dutch Mini Pancakes

Poffertjes are Dutch Mini Pancakes. Instead of a flat bottom pancake, they puff up in the center. They form a slightly oblong shape. They can be eaten both in a sweet or savory option. It is common to find them dusted with powder sugar, whipped cream, strawberry or some other syrup. They can be served both hot or cold and you can often find them sold in Big Chain Dutch Supermarket. In america, you can find the batter mix online at Amazon. However, they cost a lot more than what you pay in the Netherlands.

Poffertjes was said to be of Catholic Origin. In the south of Netherland because the Host was dry, they experimented with different dishes to quench their thirst. But really, this origin makes zero to no sense…

Best Poffertjes Pan Design

This section will discuss what characateristic makes the best Poffertjes pan. We will go over construction, shape and general performance.


There are a few different metal available for use. Cast Iron, Carbon Steel and Aluminum with nonstick coating. Cast Iron and Carbon Steel are the most common offering and usually your best bet. They both will develop a nonstick coating over time and they also last pretty much forever. You can season the pans with a bit of high smoke point oil like flax seed or canola oil. Lay a light coating with a paper towel then bake in the oven at 350 degree Fahrenheit for 30 minute. Rinse and repeat until it develops a black coating. It should get better overtime. You can watch a video below on how to do it.

However, you much keep up with the seasoning or it will rust and stick. The main difference between cast iron and carbon steel is the weight. You can think of Carbon Steel as the lighter version of cast iron. One thing to note is that they are both horrible heat conductor, you need to make sure that they are heated up properly before use. You can do that by heating up with low flake for 5 minute.

Aluminum with nonstick are the easiest to work with. They are light and have a very even heat distribution. However, the main issue is durability. Since this is a specialty cookware, you can expect to pay a little mroe for it. As such, once the coating goes, so does the pan. If your plan is only to make this once in a while, then it should last for a long time. However, if you plan on cooking Poffertjes regularly, the cast iron or carbon steel choice might be better.


The shape of the dimples are very important. You do not want something that is too shallow. Those are aebleskiver pan not Poffertjes. The depth should be only a little shallow. It is deep enough to give the dutch mini pancake a slight rise in the center.

In terms of diameter, you generally want a round shaped pan. This is because most home kitchen have a round heat ring. While you can find a square one, the outer edge will not get hot enough. This will cause issues with the pancake on the outer edge. The exception is those commercial machine. Those have heating element that will sufficiently heat up the whole pan.


Handles are not that important in these application. There is not much moving or shaking of the pan when cooking. It will for the most part remain stationary. Therefore, ergonomics and comfort should be low on your preference. With that being said, loop handles are the most comfortable to use. Generally those that are molded or riveted are the best choice. If you see one that is screwed on, those are junk.

Best Poffertjes Pan Thoughts

The Best Poffertjes Pan really depends on you. If you want ease and convient, then go with the nonstick pan. However, just be aware that it has a short life spam. If you are ok with seasoning and upkeep of cast iron or carbon steel, they are a great choice. They pretty much last forever and the nonstick get better with time. I personally prefer the cast iron one. They hold a lot of heat and you can keep on cooking for a large amount of people.

I hope you like this Best Poffertjes Pan Article, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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