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Best Pate and Terrine Mold

The Best Pate and Terrine Mold uses a heavy duty construction, maintains the heat and forms a trapezoid shape. There are various designs on the market. In some cases, you can use a bread loaf pan. However, for making things like pate, temperature control is crucial. For that reason, you need a mold that can stabilize the temperature. Overheat the pate and you can ruin the texture, it can become gray and grainy and thick. Under cook it and you will have a unset pate. For terrines, this isnt much of a issue though. But if you want a mold for dual purpose, you should get one that meets both criteria. This review will take a closer look at what makes the best Pate and Terrine mold.

Best Pate and Terrine Mold List

Below you will find a list of the best Pate and Terrine Mold.

Cast Iron (Le Creuset)

Le Creuset makes a classic terrine and pate mold. It uses a cast iron construction so that it can maintain a constant temperature. The shape is that of a classic terrine. The lid also has a vent hold. This lets you insert a temperature probe or prevent the lid from popping. Not only that, the cast iron construction means that it will last pretty much forever.


Staub also makes a beautiful example of a Pate and Terrine Mold. Their shape, material and general design are very similar. It really comes down to preference. I would personally go for whichever one is cheaper.

Porcelain (Emille Henry)

Emile Henry also makes a beautiful terrine mold. The clay design is heavy and will maintain a constant temperature. It is resistant to thermal shock and it has the classic terrine shape for a terrine or pate. They also come with a press to give you the perfect flat top that other manufacturer dont. However, the main issue is the durability. Since its clay, they can shatter and break. So whether its worth it or not depends on you.

Aluminum/Steel (USA Pan)

USA pan is one of the best manufacturer of the loaf pan. Its light weight and metal construction mean that its perfect for baking bread. It also have a nonstick finish for easy release. The smaller sized one is perfect for a terrine or pate. The only issue is that it has a corrugated finish. You should take that into account if you want a more clean professional look.

What is Patte and Terrine

Patte is french dish that is typically made with liver. They come in a paste form and is usually spread on breads or cracker. It can be served in both cold and hot form and they add a extra depth of flavor to sandwiches and other starch based product. The Vietnamnese sandwich Bahn Mi often uses Pate with Mayo in their sandwich. Other countries also make similar variation of the product. The german variation is known as liverwurst. Russia and Ukraine calls it pechyonochniy pashtet (печёночный паштет).

In contrast Terrine is served cold or at room temperature. It is usually in a Trapezoid shape and is typically eaten whole. You can make it with meat or vegetables and it is commonly set with gelatin or mouse. Terrine is less common in American cuisine but quite common in Europe. One example of a terrine is the meat Head Cheese. Those are commonly used in sandwich or eaten whole.

Best Pate and Terrine Mold Design

This section discuss what characteristic makes the best Best Pate and Terrine Mold. We will go over general construction, shape and performance.


A traditional pate uses a trapezoid shape. However, if you are fine with odd shapes or design, you can technically use any shape. The main thing that you have to worry about is how easy it is to unmold. While a circular design or something with a lot of corners might be prettier, they are harder to unmold. Take that into consideration.

You generally want a mold that is smooth inside. Some of the nonstick bread mold has a rough corrugated texture. Those should be avoided if you want that smooth professional look.

Best Pate and Terrine Mold construction

The choice of construction is also important as well. Cast Iron is thick and dense, this allows them to maintain a constant temperature. As stated before, pate needs to be cooked at a constant temperature. Overcooking it by only three degree centigrade can ruin its texture. Thinner cookware like aluminum can conduct heat better but you have to make sure that there is no wide temperature fluctuation. They are very responsive to heat change but can provide excellent heat distribution. Ceramic is a good choice but they tend to be fragile.

One way to overcome this is by cooking the pate or terrine in a water bath via sous vide. Sous vide is the perfect tool for cooking pate. It will give you the perfect result each time. In this situation things like metal construction plays less of a role.

Nonstick Properties

Pate and Terrine are very sticky by nature. However, you should always line the mold with parchment paper. This makes it easier to unmold. If you follow this step, having a nonstick finish is unnecessary. If you plan on baking bread loaf with it, then that is a different story.

Best Pate and Terrine Mold Thoughts

The best Best Pate and Terrine Mold is really what suits your need. I personally love Le Creuset because of the classic design. However, other manufacturer like Emile Henry or the USA pan will work just as well. Just be aware of the limitation such as durability or texture. But really, you can use anything to make pate or terrine, just be ware of how it is shaped. The most important thing is temperature control. You can get around this using sous vide.

I hope you like this Best Pate and Terrine Mold Article, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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