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Le Creuset French Press Review

Le Creuset French Press is the best way to add a flair to your morning coffee routine. It comes in a variety of beautiful colors by Le Creuset. The heavy stoneware construction also feels substantial and holds heat well. However, there are a few issues with this design. While the stoneware is great as a bakeware, the heavy construction means that it takes a while to heat up. Not only that, the screen could be a little better. This review will take a closer look at the design and features of Le Creuset French Press.

Le Creuset French Press Review Quick Summary

Le Creuset French Press
ColorsWide Range of Color
Brand AwarenessWorld Famous
FilterMesh Filter
Country of ManufacturerThailand or China
ThoughtsA beautiful french press that is perfect for serving. However, there are some quality issue with their filter. You also have to pre heat it to use it properly. Other than that, it works fine as a French Press.
Reviewed CookwareLe Creuset PG8200-102 Stoneware French Press Coffee Maker, 27 oz, Flame

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What is a French Press?

A press is a device used to brew coffee. It is usually cylindrical in shape with a plunger in the center. The plunger typically consists of a filter to seperate the coffee from the liquid. Once the coffee has steeped enough, the user will plunge the piston. Typically, the optimal brewing temperature is at 200 degree fahrenheit. To get the best result, you should preheat the french press so there is no significant drop in temperature.

The French Press is one of the most popular device to make coffee. It is simple and fairly cheap. It works best with fairly coarse grind of coffee that can be readily bought. While the hot method is commonly used, cold brewing has started to come in favor.

Le Creuset French Press Design

This section will discuss the design and features of Le Creuset French Press. We will go over construction and general performance.


The construction of Le Creuset French Press is stoneware. Theses stoneware are typically manufactured in countries like Thailand or China. While this may put off some people, my experience is that this does not denote quality. I actually found the fit and finish of the stoneware products to be superior to the cast iron alternative. They generally work well for baking and is on par with other stoneware manufacturer like Emile Henry.

However, this is for bake ware. On a product like a French Press, you are primarily using it with the oven. You will rarely if ever bake in it. Stoneware is heavy and takes a while to heat up as well. Having said that, if you want to brew coffee in Le Creuset French Press, you need to preheat it properly. If you just dump hot water in, it will drop the temperature below the 200 degree mark. You can preheat it by simply pouring hot water in it and wait a while. While this may annoy some people, there is an upside to this. Since it takes a while to heat up, it also takes a while to cool down. This means that it will keep your coffee hotter than your traditional glass french press.


The durability of the product is something to take into the consideration. While a French Press is not typically subject to much abuse, if the mesh fail, so does the french press. In this particular case, Le Creuset screen filter is not exactly the best. There are numerous account of user complaining that it is either bent or fail. There are also issue with how well it fits. Luckily, the stoneware product typically carries a ten year warranty. You might be able to get a replacement from them. I personally would just find another french press and use their screen. I suspect that the original one was just poached from another french press.

The stoneware is something you should be careful about as well. Like glass, they are vulnerable to chipping and cracking. I would be careful about putting it too hard on the table or possibly subjecting it to thermal shock. Thermal shock is when you put a hot object on a cold object. This sudden change in temperature can cause it to crack. While a temperature difference of water isnt that much compared to something coming out of a oven. I would lay a towel down just in case.


The color is the best thing about these French Press. They have the range of Le Creuset color. This is what made them so sucessful in the first. You should be able to customize and choose the right color for your home. The design is also quite attractive. Because of their name, your guest will be impressed by the Le Creuset name. Although it might sound vain, trust me it works…

Le Creuset French Press Thoughts

Le Creuset French Press is a beautiful french press. However, there are some issue with the quality of the Filter. You also need to preheat it to use it effectively. If you can look past that, they are a great way to add some color to your kitchen. Guest will also think its better just because they are served something in a Le Creuset product. Even though that might not be true, perception plays a huge factor.

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I hope you like this Le Creuset French Press Review, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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