Staub Perfect Pan Review

Is the Staub Perfect Pan really perfect? Its claim of perfection is thank to its supposed versatility. But really, its just a cast iron wok with a few tweak. However, unlike a traditional wok, it is thick and heavy with a beautiful enamel coating. The bottom is more flat for better heat conductivity. Its wide flaring top also means that you can stir and move food with ease. But is this really a perfect pan? This review will take a closer look at the design and features. We will take a look at the handle, shape and overall construction.

Staub Perfect Pan Review Quick Summary

Staub Perfect Pan
CompatibilityGas, Electric, Halogen, Glass Top, Induction
ColorsRange of Color
WarrantyLifetime Warranty
Brand AwarenessWorld Famous
Country of ManufacturerFrance
ThoughtsStaub Perfect Pan is far from perfect. It is great as a Wok, but not a substitute for a traditional skillet. For a more versatile cookware, Staub Braiser would be a better choice. It has a cast iron lid that wont shatter like glass.
Reviewed CookwareStaub Mini Dutch Oven

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History of Staub

Staub was founded by Francis Staub in 1974. In the early stages of the company, they would carve the molds out of wood. They used colors that were dark and vibrant, a stark difference from Le Creuset. As time went on, they became one of the leading competitors to Le Creuset. In 2008, they were acquired by Zwilling, a cutlery company. Today, Staub remains independently operated and they are still one of the leading producers of enamel cast iron cookware.

Staub Perfect Pan Design

This section will take a closer look at the design and features of Staub Perfect Pan. We will go over handle, shape and construction.


The handle uses a two loop handle. Very similar to how traditional woks are designed. However, the pan is not designed to toss food. You have to use a spatula if you want to do that. Although if you are really determined, I wager that you can do it awkwardly with two hands.

In terms of ergonomic, it is wide and allows for an easy grip. This is perfect for when you move it around with gloves. The metal handle means that it will get screaming hot. Always take care when cooking on the stove or using it in the oven. Another benefit of the two loop design is that it will always feel secure when carrying it around.

One downside to a two loop design is maneuvering the pan. Longer handles give you more reach and leverage. This means when you go to move it, you really have to reach in. If your primary goal is to cook on the stove, it can get a little annoying.


The shape of this pan is what makes it unique. It resembles that of a wok. However, that is where it has issues. The base surface is smaller than a traditional skillet. This means that you have less room to sear food. If you crowd it, food will start steaming. This forces you to sear food in batches, increasing overall cooking time.

The rim diameter of the pan is wider than your traditional skillet. Much like a wok, this is great for stirring food. Smaller rim will cause food to overflow and make it difficult to move around. While Staub say this is great for braising, I disagree, the odd shape of the base will cause food to crowd. In their picture, they make it look like its more distributed with rice elevating. However, if you just put it on the bottom, it will be a different story.

Cast Iron and Heat Retention

This is where it really shines. The cast iron construction means that it can hold heat well. This lets you sear food without fear of it steaming. In a traditional wok, those are made very thin. Our home range simply cant heat it up well enough. To get around this, a thick and heavy cast iron wok is the best alternative. This also mean that you can bring the pot to the table. It will stay hot as you serve your family and guest.

Wire Rack

Interesting enough, it comes with a wire rack. These rack are usually use after you deep fry food. You need it to air out or else the crust will become soggy. While its neat, its too small and gets in the way. I recommend that you use a separate tray to cool it. Not only that, its something extra that will get lost.


For some reason, they used a glass lid. While most people like that you can look in, once it starts steaming, it becomes kinda useless. Not only that, the fragile nature of glass makes it bad choice. If you manage to hit it wrong or subject it to thermal shock, it can shatter. A heavy cast iron lid would have been a better choice. It traps in heat better and keeps steam from escaping. A glass lid is pretty poor choice in my opinion.

Staub Perfect Pan Enamel and Durability

The colors of Staub cookware is what makes it so great. It is perfect for showing your guest and serving. The durability of their enamel is also one of the best in the industry. While its not impervious to chipping, it is still a lot better than the Chinese manufacturer. The colors are also deep and vibrant.

Staub Perfect Pan Thoughts

While this isnt the perfect pan, I would say that its a very good wok. Traditional wok are thin and light. You need a high heat btu to get the same performance. In our home kitchen, the heat output is simply too small. A heavy cast iron construction can help alleviate the issue. If you are looking for a wok, then the Staub Perfect pan is a great choice. The only thing that I do not like is the glass lid.

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I hope you like this Staub Perfect Pan Review, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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