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Staub Tea Kettle Review

Staub Tea Kettle is a heavy duty cast iron kettle that stays and looks gorgeous at the same time. The appearance is certainly unique among kettles. Instead of a flat bottom and dome top. It looks like a miniature house with a relatively small base. Its beautiful enamel coating gives the kettle a beautiful flair that can suits the need of any household. However, the question is if its even functional? This review will take a closer look at the kettle and see how well it is designed.

Staub Tea Kettle Review Quick Summary

Staub Tea Kettle
CompatibilityGas, Electric, Halogen, Glass Top, Induction
WarrantyLifetime Warranty
Brand AwarenessWorld Famous
Country of ManufacturerFrance
Oven Safe Temperature500 degree Fahrenheit
ThoughtsGreat for brewing tea but not for boiling water. The capacity is simply too small as a kettle. But it is perfect for brewing tea. Its cast iron construction makes it perfect for stepping it at the right temperature. Not to mention it is gorgeous. Which if you are honest, is the real reason why you want it.
Reviewed CookwareStaub 1650085 Round Tea Kettle

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History of Staub

Staub was started by Francis Staub in 1974. They make a wide range of cookware from dutch oven to frying pan. While a relatively young company, they are now at the forefront of cast iron cookware. In France, they rival even the likes of Le Creuset. Their Cookware is often used in professional kitchen and at home. While the subject of taste can be a personal thing, I find that their colors to be more attractive than Le Creuset.

Staub Tea Kettle Design

This section will discuss the various aspect on how Staub Tea Kettle is designed. We will go over handle, shape and general performance.


The handle is a simple two wire loop handle. When in the up position, it holds the lid in place. These handles will get screaming hot so a glove is always recommended when holding it. In terms of ergonomic, it is not the most comfortable design. Especially if you are use to a big plastic handle that you get with other kettles. The wires, will dig in if you are not wearing a glove. The good thing is that it will be so hot that you will be forced to wear it regardless.


The shape is the most special thing about it isnt it. Instead of a flat bottom with a dome top, it looks like a small house. There are a few issues that arise from this design. First is the heating problem. A nice wide base means that the round heating element of your stove can heat it up more efficiently. A narrow base means that the fire will be coming up the side. A bad thing to do especially if you want it to heat up fast.

The other thing is that the narrow base means that there is very little capacity for liquid. Most only comes with a meager 1 quart in volume. If you are serving more than one person, it leaves you desiring more. The upshot to this design is that it takes up little retail space. You can fit it in your cup board with other cups or utensils.


The spout is a simple short hole. You can pour out of it but it lacks any sort of control. A better design would be something that is somewhat long for a better stream control. Considering how heavy this thing is, it makes it a little unwieldy.

This spout also does not whistle. Whether this is a good thing or not depends on what you’re looking for.

Cast Iron Properties and Rusting

Cast Iron is a poor conductor of heat. However, what makes it great is how heavy it is. This means that it can hold heat well and for a long time. This keeps the water hot while you serve guest or do something else.

The other issue is that cast iron is prone to rusting. Given that the purpose of this pot is to boil tea, you will have a bit of an issue. In areas where there is no enamel, you can expect it to rust. You can reduce the chances by always drying it properly before use. However, the question is who really does that?

Enamel Coating, Colors and Durability

The enamel coating is what gives the kettle its beautiful color. And after all, that is the reason why we want it right? Staub is one of the few manufacturer who still makes their coating in France. They are more durable than the competition so its less prone to chipping. Not only that, Staub offers one of the best selection of colors around. The basil is a beautiful hue of green that will not disappoint.

Teapot or Tea Kettle

Ultimately, Staub Tea Kettle is really more for a teapot. It is not designed to boil water but rather to boil water in. The quantity is too small to serve a large guest, but perfect for a serving of tea for 2 or 3 guest.

Some issue arise with this type of design and that is due to heat. While you cannot judge the heat when boiling. The heavy cast iron design means that it can hold heat well and maintain it at a certain temperature. This is perfect for steeping tea. You need to keep water at a certain range for steeping. You can do this by heating up the water, then letting it cool. Once it hits the right temperature, you can steep the tea.

Staub Tea Kettle Thoughts

As a tea kettle, it is a pretty poor choice. It holds little liquid, it heats up slowly and its hard to pour. However, as a tea pot, which is what its designed for, it works well. The cast iron construction holds the heat well allowing you to steep the tea at the right temperature. Its beautiful color and design will impress any guest that sees it. And ultimately, that is the real reason why we want it. Not for the performance, but because of how beautiful it is.

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I hope you enjoyed this Staub Tea Kettle Review. If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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