Monthly Archives: October 2020

Best Bean Pot

In New England, beans are one of the most cherished dish. Most notably is the dish Boston Baked Bean that wins most people heart. They cook the dish in a iconic ceramic bean pot and simmers in the oven for hours. The pot is designed to minimized moisture evaporation and […]

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Best Large Frying Pan

Large Frying Pans are 12 inch in diameter and above. They are great if you need to feed a family of 3 plus. They leave more room to sear food and prevent food from steaming. However, there are many different options on the market. The type of skillet that you […]

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Best Square Frying Pan

A Square Frying Pan is not something you see everyday. Most skillets you find at the stores are round and there is a good reason that. Most of our home range are round, as such round skillets suits the heating element better. However, there are advantage to having a square […]

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