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Best Bean Pot

In New England, beans are one of the most cherished dish. Most notably is the dish Boston Baked Bean that wins most people heart. They cook the dish in a iconic ceramic bean pot and simmers in the oven for hours. The pot is designed to minimized moisture evaporation and help absorption of the bacon and brown sugar. This maximized the flavor and prevents it from burning. There are quite a few different bean pot on the market, selecting the best bean pot can be a bit daunting. Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Bean Pot available.

Best Bean Pot List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Bean Pot on the market. You should choose one that best fits your need. They all work pretty well.

Garcima Cast Iron Bean Pot (Best Overall and Most Durable)

If you want the best bean pot, then Garcima Cast Iron Bean Pot is a great choice. Unlike the other ceramic bean pot, this one is nearly indestructible. The cast iron construction means that it will last a lifetime. It has the traditional bean pot shape so that it will hold and lock in moisture. Best of all, this pot is made in Spain. I would say the only downside is that you have to maintain the seasoning. The seasoning protects it from rust and gives it a nonstick finish.

R&M International (Best Ceramic Bean Pot)

If you want a affordable ceramic option, then R&M International is a great alternative. It has the traditional brown and cream color scheme. The ceramic construction also means that it will hold on to the heat. There are some negative review about it cracking…those guys used it on the gas stove. Its not designed to do that. You should only use it in the oven. The other issue is how small the lid handle is, it can get in the way when you grip it.

What is a Bean Pot Used for

Typically you will use it to bake bean. Since the neck is smaller than the body, there is less surface area for liquid to evaporate. However, you can use this pot for any sort of baked goods. Stews or other soups can be used as well.

A lot of people also use the pot just for storage. You can often find cookies or other confectionery stored in them. Some also collect them for display purposes.

Caring and Cleaning

The biggest challenge that a bean pot face is durability. They are fragile in nature, so you should take care when moving it around. Impacts can damage or crack the pot. The pots are also susceptible to thermal shock. What that means is that if the pot is really hot and you put it on a cold surface. Dont be surprised if it suddenly cracks. This happens quite a bit with glass based baking products.

You can also buy metal cast iron models that are far more durable. One of the best are the one made of cast iron. It can withstand bangs and develop a nonstick coating. They are also great for retaining heat.

You can clean a bean pot like any other dish. Soak it in water and scrub with a sponge. Pots with a glazed interior are easier to clean than the porous kind. The porous pot can take on the flavor of soap…

For Cast Iron model, do not use soap, but use abrasive salt and paper towel to get rid of any baked on crud. You can also soak it to soften it.

Bean Pot vs Dutch Oven

While you can use a dutch oven, the main issue is how wide the dutch oven is. Since there is more room for steam to escape, more liquid will evaporate. When you are baking beans for hours, you will have to constantly check on it to make sure its not dried out. In a traditional stew or dish, this is actually preferable. Not so much when you are baking bean for hours. If the extra work is ok with you, then a dutch oven is acceptable.


While a bean pot might seem like any other pot, the design is actually made specifically for baking bean. The smaller neck prevents liquid from evaporating. This will reduce your change of burning and drying out your bean in the oven. This also means you dont need to check on it constantly. There are a few options on the market. The best is the non traditional cast iron model. However, it is a bit more expensive then the ceramic model. Those work just as well, you just have to be a little more careful with it.

Looking for more ceramic cookware? Check out the Japanese Donabe Pot, they are great for stews and more!

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