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Best Seafood and Crawfish Boiler

Crawfish is one of the most eaten dish in the south. They are usually made during large gather in a large vat of water. However, heating that much water needs power, lots of power. Something that most home range do not have. Luckily, manufacturer have created boilers just for this situation. These stove has over 20 times the power of your home stove. Which is more than enough to cook and boil for a large group of people. The problem is that deciding which one can be a bit confusing. To help out, we listed some of the best Crawfish Boiler on the market.

Best Seafood and Crawfish Boiler List

You have many choice when deciding on which Crawfish Boiler. The dedicated Crawfish Boiler model is great if you plan on cooking crawhfish on a daily basis. The high heat stove is better if cooking crawfish is a once in a while thing. Its more versatile and you can cook large vats of stock in it.

CreoleFeast CFT2018 Crawfish Seafood Boiler (Best Overall)

Creole Fest Seafood boiler is great if you plan on boiling a lot of food. Their easy to use system makes draining and serving crawfish a breeze. After it is done cooking, you need to do is lift and pour it onto the tray. This model comes with two separate burner, one is for boiling water with a power rating at 135,000 btu. The smaller one can be used for cooking food or grilling it has a btu of 54,000. This model has caster on the feet for easy transportation. You are no longer trapped to one location. It also has a capacity of 90 qt and can cook crawfish within 30 minutes.

GasOne 200,000 BTU Square Burner (Best Buy)

If you want an all purpose burner, this is your chest choices. Its powerful 200,000 btu makes it unrivaled in terms of performance. It should boil water faster than most other stove out there. The versatile design also lets you cook more than just crawfish. I personally think its fantastic for making stock over low heat. You can cook it outside and let it simmer overnight. Its also small so it easy to transport and store. The only downside is that you have to buy your own pot separately.

Bayou Classic 800-144 (Best Complete Set)

If you do not want to buy all the separate piece, than Bayou Classic has you covered. Their set has everything from the burner to the pot. It should be ready to use once you receive it. Just be aware that it has a much lower btu rating than the other model. It only comes in at 58,000 BTU.

Why You Need More Power!

Have you ever boiled water? Its takes a while for it to get up to temperature. Now imagine boiling a 50 qt vat of liquid. Because of the rate that water cools, it will almost never reach a boil. You can combat this by using multiple small boiler, or just using one powerful boiler. Since its impractical to boil different pot of water, its better to just use one powerful unit.

If you are confused on how to rate power, most stove are rated by BTU. That is a acronym for British Thermal Unit. Most of our home stove only have a BTU rating of 7,500. The Crawfish boiler that you see here have BTU rating of 140,000 – 200,000 btu. It sure makes the one that we have at home looks like a weakling.

What Crawfish Boiler Pot and Equipment

There are two types of Crawfish Boiler that you can buy. One is dedicated machine for the purpose of cooking crawfish. They carry a large capcity of volume and they make it easy to boil and drain crawfish. The other is a simple type of stove. It connects via propane and only output heat. While its not a dedicated crawfish boiler, it is much more versatile. You can deep fry turkey or even make stocks. I personally would get this model over the other one.

For the stove model, you need to purchase your own stock pot. While there are many on the market, I recommend you get one with a strainer already built in. These strainer lets you remove the crawfish easily after cooking. And the insert fits the pots, you dont have to worry about finding something that fits. I recommend the pot from Bayou Classic. It comes in multiple sizes with a matching strainer. One other thing that you should get is a Paddle. You need something long enough to stir and mix the crawfish.

How to use a Crawfish Boiler

The operation is simple enough. The most important thing is to connect to the propane tank safely. When you hook it up, be sure to check for any leaks. This will prevent any possible fire that might occur. Once set up, turn it on and fill the vat with water. Its best to cover the pot so that it boils faster. If you need to stop the cooking, add some ice to cool it down. Once done, raise and remove the strainer basket. If you get the specialized boiler, just raise the basket and it will fall to the catch tray. Just be careful, its easy for it to fall to the floor.

Best Seafood and Crawfish Boiler Thoughts

A Seafood and crawfish boiler might seem like a extravagant purchase. But if you intend on eating it daily, then its a must. Considering that crawfish has little meat, you need a bunch just to fill one person. In this situation, having something that makes cooking easy is a must. A dedicated machine makes life easier. However, if you plan on cooking it every now and then, then a small powerful stove might be a better choice.

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