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Best Oven Safe Skillet

A common technique in cooking is sear on the stove and finish the oven. Therefore a Oven Safe skillet is a important tool to have. However, you cannot stick any pan into the oven. If you put a nonstick pan with a plastic handle in the oven, you can risk melting it. Stainless Steel pan with metal handle can generally handle higher oven temperature. Unfortunately, most manufacturer do not readily post the spec for their skillet. To help you with this, I have compiled a list of some of the Best Oven Safe Skillet. I will also list the oven safe temperature to help you make your choice.

Best Oven Safe Skillet List

There are many different type of Oven Safe Skillet. You can choose from cast iron to even nonstick. However, be sure that you check the oven safe temperature. While some nonstick pan are oven safe they are only limited to 350 degree. This reduces its overall versatility. Cast Irons pans can generally withstand temperature of 500 degree plus. If you intend to broil in it, then it might be a better choice for you. Regardless, I have listed the Best Oven Safe Skillet at different categories.

All Clad Copper Core (Best Overall)

If you are looking for performance, then look no further than All Clad. This model uses a copper core to help conduct heat fast. It has a oven safe temperature of 600 degree fahrenheit, you can even stick it under the broiler. In terms of design, its one of the best in the market. Its low sloping side makes it deal for flipping and easy tossing. You cannot beat All Clad for a all purpose pan.

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet (Best Buy)

With that being said, All Clad is a little pricey. Plus the stainless steel lining can be a little difficult to cook in. A good alternative is a well seasoned cast iron pan. They can withstand any temperature that a oven can throw at it. Plus the nonstick coating of the pan will only get better overtime. If you want to go for cast iron, I recommend Lodge. Lodge is one of America Oldest Cast Iron manufacturer. Their cookware is made in the USA and generally indestructible. The chef series has a low sloping side that makes it easy to toss and turn food. While the Classic Model is cheaper, the side is too tall and resembles too much of a saute pan.

T-Fal Ultimate Hard Anodized Skillet (Best Oven Safe Non Stick)

A good nonstick pan is indispensable. While Cast Iron can develop a nonstick coating, they can never rival the performance of a teflon pan. This model by T-Fal has a whopping oven safe temperature of 400 degree Fahrenheit. Not only that, it has a rubber handle that will stay cool to the touch. While I recommend that you use a glove anyway, it reduces the chance that you will burn yourself. This particular model uses hard anodizing to give its nonstick coating extra durability. The price is very affordable and should last you a few years.

What Pans Can go from Stove to Oven?

All pans can go from Stove to Oven. Its just a question of what temperature it can withstand. In general, pans with a rubber or plastic handle will only be safe up to 350 degree Fahrenheit. Metal handle skillet can handle 400 plus. But dont be fooled, some of those metal handles are only spot welded. If you put the skillet in a really hot oven, you can risk melting it. Overtime, it will fall off. Pans with handles that are riveted generally last longer. They also tend to have a higher oven safe temperature.

Can a Nonstick Pan have a High Oven Safe Temperature?

Nonstick teflon pans has a horrible reputation with toxicity. At temperature of 570 degree and above, fumes can start to release. If inhaled we will can exhibit symptoms of the Flu. Smaller birds have been known to die from this. This phenomenon is known as Teflon Flu.

Having said that, it is unlikely for a nonstick pan to ever reach that temperature. Most oven do not even have a temperature setting above 500 degree. If you do have a oven that can go above 550 degree, there is good news. Ceramic coated nonstick pans can withstand the heat. Some even have a oven safe temperature of 700 degree Fahrenheit.

Best Oven Safe Skillet Thoughts

Being able to go from stove to oven is a important feature of a pan. It helps you cook larger cuts of meat like steak or chicken breast. However, not all pans are created equal. Some have really low oven safe temperature which runs the risk of melting your pan. The models I listed are all well made and perform really well. Depending on your needs, you should find the category that best suits you. I personally would get one for each, but then again, I collect cookware.

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