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Stanley Lunch Box with Thermos Review

Stanley has been around for almost a hundred years. They are known for their flask that keeps hot drinks hot and cool drinks cool. But what surprises most people is that they make Lunch Boxes. Its a simple lunch box that looks exactly like a tool box. However, unlike other lunch box, it has no insulation and its pretty bare bones. But what it lacks in insulation, it wins in practicality. Making the Stanley Lunch Box with Thermos one of the Best Metal Lunch Box around.

What is a Stanley Lunch Box?

Looking at the lunch box, you will think its a tool box. You would be right, it shares the same design as a lot of tool box out there. However, what makes this model different is its empty interior and latch for thermos. Unlike any other modern lunch box, this model have no insulation. While it is a disadvantage, there are definite plus to this, cleaning.


The problem that most lunch box have is the smell and cleaning. It might resist it for a month or two. But overtime, build up residue of food will permeate throughout the box. Cleaning it wont do anything and it just get worse. Eventually, it starts to smell like trash.

With Stanley Lunch Box, this isnt a problem at all. Washing it is easy, all you need to do is use soap and water. I recommend wiping it down with a paper towel to prevent possible rust. Since there is no fabric to absorb smell, it wont stink like the other bags.

Stanley Lunch Box Insulation and Staying Cool

This is the biggest issue that Stanley Lunch Box has. It wont keep food cold. If you have perishable food, then I recommend that you stick it in the fridge. Or you can buy food that last, things like chips or peanut butter and jelly. If you want to keep food cold, you can use one of those reusable ice packs.

Stanley Lunch Box with Thermos

For Drinks like Coffee or Even Soup, then I recommend using the thermos. The Thermos will keep drinks hot for hours. You can even use it to keep soup like chowder or minestrone soup. Since the Thermos is Stanley Signature product, they have to include it in their box. Near the lid, there is a latch to hold it in place. For the most part it works, but it can marr the thermos. But considering its rough nature, it shouldn’t bother you.

There is another problem, the weight. With the weight of the thermos and the box, it can be quite heavy. Empty its manageable, but with food and a thermos full of drink, you can be carrying 8 lbs. This is not for those who are weak.

As for the size, the 10 qt model fits the 24 oz thermos. The 16 oz model fits the 5 qt one.


Functionality aside, the best thing about this Lunch Box is the latch. Just popping it open is so satisfying. I would often time just open it just for fun. You can even open it with a finger. A simple flick and it will pop open. While this might seem unreliable, I never had it open by itself. Its one of the best thing about this lunch box.


Storing Food

The great thing about this lunch box is its rugedness. Thanks to its design, it will look normal with dings and marks. The box itself is beefy so it will take a beating. Probably the weakest link would be the handle. Instead of leather, its a plastic handle. But even then, I see no signs of it wavering. If it does snap, I am sure you can find a alternative replacement.

Stanley has plastic container that fits the lunch box perfectly. However, those are not readily available. I recommend that you get the Rubber Maid Brilliance one. They have gasket that keeps liquid from spilling and it keeps food tidy.


The Stanley Lunch Box with Thermos is one of the best lunch box combination you can get. No longer do you have to deal with a stinky box. Plus, for those who like the rugged look, its the best choice. I always get compliment by people, men and women included. The only downside is its lack of insulation, but you can easily use a ice pack to work around that. I hope you give this lunch box a try, its my favorite and something that I use daily.

Looking for a thermos? Check out the difference between the modern Stanley Thermos and Vintage Stanley Thermos.

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