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Best Babish Knife Review

Babish is one youtube biggest Chef. His love of cooking has now moved onto knives. At a glance, his knives look promising. Its affordable, uses German Steel and has a full Tang Construction. But once you take a closer look, its missing a lot of information that other knife company provides. Things like bevel, rockwell hardness and angel seems to be missing. Nevertheless, this review will take a look at some of the Best Babish Knife and determine whether its right for you.

What to Look for in a Knife?

This is something that confuses people. I think the most important thing about a knife is comfort. Finding something that works with you is what you want. Determine whether you want a western style of knife or a Japanese knife. Japanese blades are usually flatter and better for tap chopping. While a Western knife is designed more for rock chopping. Modern Japanese knife is a combination of both. I would say that Babish Chef Knife is similar to a combination of both.

Babish Knife Steel

The second most important thing is steel. The Steel that a knife manufacturer used is usually hidden. Interesting enough, they willingly tell you what steel is used. In fact its a advertising point. They use a German steel known as 1.4116 German steel. Its a pretty popular steel used for pocket knives. Interesting enough, they dont advertise the hardness.


Hardness is pretty important for a knife. It determines how long it can hold a edge and how easy it is to sharpen. Higher End knives are usually at a hardness of 60 plus. German knives are a little softer at 54 hardness. There are benefit to both, the softer knives are more ductile and less likely to chip. Great for general cutting, but you would have to sharpen it more. Japanese knives are more difficult to sharpen but it stays sharp longer. The good thing is that it feels great to cut.

Its kind of bad that they wont tell you the hardness.

Babish Knife Bevel, Angel and Thickness

These are other stuff that is not advertised. The bevel is how knives are sharpen. Most knives are sharpen equally on both side. Some Japanese knives are sharpen on only one side for more control.

Angel means the degree at which its sharpen. The steeper the angle, the better it cuts. But usually that means that it will dull quicker. You can get around this by using a harder steel. But without information about the hardness or angel, its difficult to tell how well it perform.

Finally thickness determines how a knife cuts. Thicker one wedges between food. Thinner blade feels better and glides better through food.

Are Babish Knives Any Good?

For the price, Babish Knife are decent. Its made in China but at the price point, its pretty good. Its hard to beat for the price you pay. These knives should be able to do most kitchen task. I recommend that you pick the Chef Knife. The Clef Knife and the Santoku are more of the same. They are supposed to be general purpose knife. If you find that those other knives are more to your liking, then go for that one. They cost about the same.

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