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Iwachu Cast Iron Omelette Pan Review

Cast Iron is the original nonstick. Its one of the most popular choice for making eggs. However, most Cast Iron Pans made in America are heavy and cumbersome. Leave it to the Japanese to make a Cast Iron pan just for eggs. Iwachu Omelette Pan is light, sleek with a comfortable handle. Making it one of the Best Cast Iron pan for Omelette. To get a better understanding of the pan, this review will take a closer look at the design and features. We will go over how to season, care and use the pan properly.

Who is Iwachu?

Iwachu is one of the few Japanese manufacturer of Cast Iron. In 1902 they originally got their start making Tetsubin. Learning from each successive generation, they hone their skills on manufacturing cast iron. Today, they make a wide range of cast iron products for the home kitchen. Some of the more popular ones are the Tamagoyaki Pan, Takoyaki Pan and the Omelette Pan.

Why Buy Iwachu Omelette Pan?

One of the neatest thing about this pan is its smooth rounded design. The inside has a seemless curve making it easy to toss eggs. The handle is designed for a comfortable fit and it has a heat choke so that it will stay cool. While it does work, I do caution against using your bare hand. It will eventually get hot and you can burn yourself.

Weight and Performance

In terms of thickness, its one of the lighter pan on the market. So its easy to manipulate the egg as needed. However, there is a downside to its lightness. Cast Iron are poor conductor of heat. The lighter it is, the more heat spots there are.

You can get around this by heating up the pan slowly on low heat. As the heat permeate through the pan, it will slowly fill in all the gaps.

How to Use Iwachu Cast Iron Omelette Pan?

Using a Iwachu Pan to make omelette requires skills like most other pan. To start, I recommend by beating the eggs properly. After that, begin by heating up the pan. Add oil and make sure its well coated, swirling it as necessary.

Once the pan is heated up, pour the egg. I recommend swirling it to get rid of the excess runny egg. When about 60% of the egg is solidify, turn off the heat. Start pushing egg to one side. Use your wrist to start molding it into a half moon. Plate the egg to finish.

How do you Season Iwachu Cast Iron Pan

Ensuring that the pan is properly seasoned is important. Thats what makes the pan nonstick and it also protects it from rust.

To season Iwachu Cast Iron Omelette Pan, start by coating it with a light film of oil. Then bake it in the oven for 350 degree fahrenheit for half an hour. Repeat as necessary.

Another way to do this is by frying potato peels with salt and oil. Repeat as necessary. The more you cook with this pan, the longer it last.

Caring and Cleaning the Pan

One of the best way to improve the seasoning is to care for it. Avoid using soap to clean is a good method. You can remove crud by using salt and paper towel. Another way to do this is by putting water on a hot pan. It should lift off most of the residue.

Other Uses

Aside from eggs, these pan can be used for other task. I like making light stir frys. The shape lets you toss and turn food easily. However, just dont over crowd it. Bacon is also a good choice. I would avoid pancakes though, the concave shape make it a bit difficult to cook on.


Iwachu Cast Iron Omelette Pan is a well crafted pan. It has refined edge and a beautiful shape. Its unique curve make it one of the best pan to toss and turn eggs. The unique stay cool handle is a nice addition as well. If you like Omelette, I would say this pan is worth it. It will replace your nonstick.

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