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Best Tart and Quiche Pan

The flaky crust, the warm interior and the aroma. Quiche is one of my favorite food. However, its also one of the hardest dish to make. You can get everything right and ruin it during unmolding. Traditional Quiche Pan uses tin but modern one will use a ceramic construction. You can even find models with nonstick coating. However, the Best Quiche Pan are the one with the removable bottom. They are the easiest to unmold and clean.

What is a Quiche Pan

A Quiche Pan is a pan designed to bake Quiche. Quiche is a French savory snack with a flaky crust, The center is usually a egg mixture of some sort. Usually with spinach and cheese. They are served like a pie with individual serving. While its delicious, its also quite labor intensive. Because of that, using a quiche pan will increase your rate of success.

Traditional Quiche will have the ruffle design around its corner. While you can technically use other type of baking pan, they are not the same. Another factor you have to consider is the baking time. Since Quiche Pan are low and shallow, most recipes are designed for that pan. Larger pan like muffins or scones, will have a well that is too deep. As a result, the eggs will be under cooked in the center and overcooked on the exterior. Worst yet, you can have quiche with a soggy crust.

Preventing a Soggy Crust

The texture is key to getting a good Quiche. Novice bakers will often time bake the quiche crust with the filling. Dont do that! Just bake the crust in the oven by itself, using some pie weight will prevent the crust from warping. This method is known as the blind bake. Once its baked through, then add the filling and the rebake. This step is critical is ensuring a perfect and even bake.

Quiche Muffin Pan and Spring Form Pan

While not ideal, you can still use either a Muffin Pan or Spring Form Pan for Quiche. To do so, you need to blind bake it so that crust is cooked all the way through. For the Muffin Pan, cut down the baking time of the filling to around 5-10 minutes at 400 degree. For Spring Form Pan, the Quiche should be baked at 350 for around 1.5 hours. The exact time and measurement will vary depending on the size of the pan. I recommend checking and adjusting as necessary.


There are a few different materials you can choose from. The traditional one is tin one. You can find them graced all over France. Modern variation will be nonstick or ceramic. The benefit of Ceramic Quiche Pan is that theyre beautiful to look at. They hold the heat well and keeps the Quiche hot. However, unmolding is difficult. I recommend that you just serve the quiche in the same pan. Cut it when you are ready to eat.

The nonstick is a bit easier to use. You can unmold it serve it as is. Its also easier to sell or transport if you want to do that. Performance wise, you wont find much difference between this and the tin model. Although heating is a bit weaker on the nonstick variety.

Another thing to note is that you will only find nonstick pan and tin pan with removable bottom. Its rare to find one in ceramic.

Quiche Pan vs Tart Pan

They’re the same pan. There is no difference between a quiche pan and a tart pan, just the name.

Best Tart and Quiche Pan list

Below, you will find a list of the best Quiche Pan. There are quite a few to choose from, pick one that best suits you.

Wilton Excelle Elite Non-Stick Tart and Quiche Pan (Best Overall)

Wilton is a large manufacturer of bakeware appliance. They have products from muffins to scone. This model uses a nonstick coating with a Steel Core. This means that its heavy for its size and holds its heat well. The bottom has removable bottom so you can easily unmold it. The nonstick coating also ensure that nothing will tear. Best of all, its easy to clean and its affordable.

Le Creuset Stoneware Tart Dish (Best Ceramic Quiche Pan)

Want flare and performance? Look no further than Le Creuset. Their colors matches their other cookware. The Stoneware construction also means that its heavier than most other models. As a result, it holds it heat longer and best for serving all in one pan. I just recommend that you butter it prior to putting the crust in. The downside is that its a bit more expensive than other models.

Sweese 515.101 Porcelain Tart Pan, 9.5 Inches Quiche Dish Baking Pan (Best Buy)

Le Creuset is beautiful, but its also expensive. For around half the price, you can get the model by Sweese. They have a wide range of colors to suit most people need. However, I do prefer Le Creuset. The sides are also straight, this makes unmolding more difficult.

Webake 4 Inch Mini Tart Pan Set of 6 (Best Mini Quich Pan)

Why share when you can have your own quiche pan. This mini serving of quiche is cute and most will enjoy having their own. They have removable base and uses a nonstick coating. This makes popping each quiche out a breeze. In this set you get six of them, I recommend at least 12. This way you wont waste your time preparing and making more at once. You can also freeze them before hand.

Wilton Extra Long Non-Stick Tart and Quiche Pan (Best Rectangular Quiche Pan)

Wilton is back with their rectangular Quiche Pan. Sometimes people just like Quiche like a Pizza. It looks amazing when served at the table and its a nice alternative. It has the same benefit as their normal pan such as nonstick coating and removable bottom. You cant go wrong with this model. Just adjust the baking time.


A good quiche pan will make your life easy. Nonstick variety is easy to unmold and the removable bottom lets you pop it out easily. Wilton makes a very good model for a pan. If you want something to served in, go for a Ceramic model. It holds heat well and looks great at the table. Its just that its difficult to unmold. Its best to serve it in the same pan. There are many different type of quiche such as the mini and the rectangular one. Get one that best suits you.

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