Wusthof vs Henckels Zwilling Knife Set

Wusthof vs Henckels (Zwillling), who makes the best german knife? These two companies are considered to be the best german kitchen knife on the market. Wusthof Flagship model is the Classic series while Henckels is the Pro model. Both share a similar grind profile and hardness. However, little differences like […]

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John Boos Cutting Board Reviews

John Boos Cutting Board are one of the best cutting board that America has to offer. They offer a wide variety of cutting blocks from butcher table to even kitchen trolly. However, the prices that they tend to ask for these tables tend to be astronomical. What makes it even […]

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Bob Kramer Chef Knife Review

Bob Kramer Chef Knife is one of the Best Chef Knife around. It has a comfortable handle and a large blade profile. Just a single knife can cost into the thousands. But even then, knife collectors are willing to wait months just for a chance to buy it. Luckily Kramer […]

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