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Best Knife Roll Bag for the Kitchen

People know of a knife block and the knife strips, but for a traveling Chef, you need a knife roll. Just as the name implies, its a little roller for your knife. This lets you carry a battalion of knife on the road. Over the years, there has been many option available, leather was used for centuries. But today, canvas is more popular. The Best Knife Roll should be thick and be able to keep it in the bag without falling out.

What is a Knife Roll Bag?

A Knife Roll Bag is a roll with a strap to hold knives. The amount of knives it hold depends on the size of it. Most of these rolls is held together via the straps. Important for preventing the blade from falling out.

Wont the Knife Cut It?

Yes stick it in blade side in. Most people who use knife rolls will use a knife guard before putting it in. You should always put the knife in with the handle first. If you plan on keeping it for a while, I recommend investing in a knife guard. This prevents the blade from accidentally nicking the bag. Its also safer for your hand when you open it.

Leather vs Canvas

I personally prefer leather for the feel and look. They smell nice and look smart when carrying it. Although most people dont carry a knife bag as an accessory. Leather is also better at hiding little nicks and cuts.

Canvas bag are usually stiffer depending on the thickness and quality of the canvas. Wax canvas knife roll are great if you need it to be slightly water proof. Important if you have a lot of carbon steel knives or plan on using it during fishing.

Washing is another concern, maybe you spill blood on it or it just got dirty. Canvas is much easier to clean than leather. However, dont just dunk it in water, most of these bags have leather straps. Its best to spot clean them.

What to Look for in a Knife Roll Bag

The first thing you should look for is size. Some carry 9 other carry 17. While logic says that the bigger the better, thats not always the case. These bags can get heavy and if you pair that with knives, it can be cumbersome. If you are on the go a lot, then a smaller bag with the essential knives might be better.

That aside, judge the bag on the quality of material and craftsmanship. The leather or canvas should be thick and durable. Stitching should be uniform and reinforced for strength. Make sure the clasp can keep your knife secure and wont fall out during use.

Other Uses

While its nice to carry to the kitchen, you can also use these bags while hunting or fishing. Important if you need to cut out any offal to prevent spoiling the meat. Butchers can benefit as well.

Best Knife Roll Bags for the Kitchen List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Knife Roll Bag for the Kitchen. There are a few option available, choose one that best suits you.

Boldric 9 Pocket Leather Chef Knife Roll Bag With Shoulder Strap (Best Overall)

Boldric is the go to choice for all Chef. They are known for their quality bags and durability. This particular model is all leather using buffalo hide. The clasp are made of brass for both beauty and durability. This 9 knife model is on the smaller side so its compact and easy to carry.

Boldric 17 Pocket Chef Knife Carrier Bag With Shoulder Strap (Best Canvas Bag)

Canvas is a more affordable alternative to leather. Boldric version of the bag has leather strap with brass clasp. It also have a wide range of color to give you choice that match your personal style. Not only that, its also easier to clean than the leather variety. For the traveling chef, this is a great choice.

Aaron Leather Leather Knife Roll Storage Bag, Elastic and Expandable 10 Pockets(Best Buy)

This Leather Knife Roll by Aaron Leather is a affordable alternative. While it does not have the nice accent and feel of the Boldric bag, its still very durable. You have a wide range of colors to choose from and its leather bag is also made from buffalo leather. For a budding chef or even a working chef, this is a great bag to have.

Chef’s Knife Roll Bag, Waxed Canvas Knife Cutlery Carrier (Most Basic Roll)

This roll is the most basic you can get. Its waxed canvas and compact. No Straps and only comes with a simple clasp. But if you already have a bag, this is a very affordable alternative. Just roll it up and drop it in your bag.


A knife Roll Bag is great for a traveling chef. This keeps your knife secure and lets you carry your whole set. The best are the ones made by Boldric. The leather is top quality and its well stitched. They also have a canvas model for more color and style. Both are good, just get one that you like. If you need something mid tier, there are many more affordable alternative. All of which will work just fine.

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