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Best Sandwich Cutters and Sealers

Sandwich are great for lunch and even dinner. They’re portable and easy to make. However, one of the worst thing that a sandwich has is the crust. With a Sandwich Cutter and Sealer, you can get rid of the crust and still make a delicious edge. The Best Sandwich Cutters and Sealers are safe to use and leave a solid seal.

What is a Sandwich Cutters?

A sandwich cutter is a simple device. Most are made of plastic and works via pressure. It doesnt actually seal anything but rather compress the bread together. So while it does “Seal” it can still leak.

What to Make with a Sandwich Cutter?

The most popular thing to seal is peanut butter and jelly. The sauce is thin enough to cut and quite easy to seal. Other soft stuff like egg sandwich, tuna, and even avocado sandwich.

You can seal hand and cheese but its harder to cut. The edges will also leave the ham and cheese exposed. As long as you are ok with that, it should be fine. I personally would avoid anything that has vegetable.

How to use a Sandwich Cutter?

Exact instruction for each cutter will vary. However, the general instructions remain the same. To start, use the larger side. The larger side is designed to cut the crust off. Once the crust is cut, turn it over. The other side is designed to “Seal” the sandwich. By pressing it together, it makes a semi seal.

Can Cookie Cutter cut Sandwich?

Yes, since its metal, it will cut better than even the plastic model. The problem is the sealing. Since all it has is a metal edge, it wont seal just cut. You need to get something flat to squeeze it together.


The best thing about these cutter is the shape. From hear to even dinosaurs. Kids will love these sandwich. Its great if you have picky eaters. I personally recommend a simple round and square design. They are the most versatile and easiest to store. You also waste less food this way. If anything, you can just a few different one to suit the kids need.

Best Sandwich Cutters and Sealers List

Below, you will find a list of the Best Sandwich Cutters and Sealers. There are a few models available, choose one that best suits you.

Decruster Sandwich Maker – Cut and Seal

This is a generic sandwich cutter but at the same time one of the best. It comes with three different design and resembles the models you find in the store. The plastic is BPA free so its non toxic and wont cause any harm. At over seven thousand review, it has one of the best rating on amazon.

BigLeef Best Sandwich Cutters and Sealers

Having trouble with the filling flowing out. With BigLeef model, you spread it right in the center. This prevents waste and reduce mess. The only problem is that it only comes with a square shape. Our winning model have different styles.

EvriHolder DynoBytes Sandwich Crust Cutter (assorted colors) (Best Dinosaur Sandwich Cutter)

Sometimes you just want a dinosaur sandwich. In this case use EvriHolder sandwich cutter. With this, you get two dinosaur sandwich every cut. Some of the negative review is due to them getting a dolphin one. But the issue is mostly sorted out…


A sandwich cutter is a fun way of cutting sandwich. It removes the crust and makes it fun to eat. While I prefer the regular shapes, kids loves the heart and dinosaur shape. The best thing about these cutter is that they are relatively soft. You can even have the kid cut it themselves. Get one that best suits your needs.

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