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Best Glass Measuring Cup

Cooking is a science. I know some might argue that it is an art, but if you want consistent result, than treat it like a science. To do this, you need to start with your measurement. Having accurate measurement will ensure your food taste the same each time. To do this, it all starts with your tools. Perhaps one of the most used tools in the kitchen is a Glass Measuring Cup. The Best Glass Measuring Cup was always pyrex. But time has change and so has their formula, are they still the best or have alternative took their place.

What is a Glass Measuring Cup?

A glass measuring cup is a measuring cup made of glass. The most well known one is Pyrex. They have been around for over a hundred year. Its one of the favorite tools both in the Kitchen and the Laboratory. What set them apart from other manufacturer was their use of Borosilicate glass. These glass are specially formulated so that it resist thermal shock. This prevents it from suddenly shattering from a extreme shift in temperature.

Ever notice that some glass dish suddenly crack? This usually happens when you place a hot glass on a cool surface. The extreme temperature change cause it to suddenly explode/crack. Not exactly safe or fun. Plus, it will ruin your dinner.

Glass Measuring Cup vs Plastic

Glass is heavy and fragile, so why use it over plastic. The main benefit is ease of use and cleaning. Glass is clear so its easy read. With plastic, it gets hazy and that makes it difficult to clean. Not only that, it scratches easily. This means food gets stuck in tiny crevices. With glass, stubborn sticky food will pop right off. If not, a simple soak will remove it.

How to Measure with a Glass Measuring Cup?

Measuring can be a little tricky. If you look at it from the side, there are two level. One at the rim and one at the center. Because of surface tension, water will stick to the side of the glass. This in turn cause the curve known as a meniscus. To measure the true level, stick the the bottom most center. You should get accurate result each time. Be sure to look at it from the side and not from the top.

Lime Glass?

Lime Glass is one of the most common type of glass in the States. Its cheap, durable and can be seen in bakware to even glass window. Because of this, they took over the more expensive Borosilicate glass. The good thing about lime glass is that they are more resistant to physical impact. However, they are very much susceptible to thermal shock.

Most pyrex product in the states no longer use Borosilicate glass. While I did not find any official finding, I suspect that their product use some variation of lime glass. In Europe, there has been report that their product still use the Borosilicate glass variety. If you can, get those.

With that being said, having a measuring cup made of Borosilicate is not really important. You wont be baking in it and as a result, the thermal shock isn’t much of an issue.

Dangers of Pyrex

Aside from Thermal Shock, be aware that Pyrex are often use in Science laboratory. You never know what chemical they used in those glass. Simple soap and water not always effective at neutralizing it. Because of this, I caution against using a pre owned pyrex unless you know specifically it was only used for cooking. I recommend that you just buy a new set instead of finding one at the thrift store.

Best Glass Measuring Cup List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Glass Measuring Cup. There are a few option available, choose one that best suits you.

Pyrex Glass Measuring Cup Set (4-Piece, Microwave and Oven Safe) (Best Overall)

Despite the move from Borosilicate glass, Pyrex is still king. They have easy to read measurement and they’re durable. The pouring lip also ensures no dribble when pouring. This 4 piece set should be enough for most of your home measurement. If you think its a bit excessive, then I recommend getting the 8 cup model. Its one of my most used one and perfect for measuring ingredients for stock. However, I personally think the 4 piece set is a bargain and you will get the most out of your buck.

Anchor Hocking 92032ECOM Anchor 77940 3-Piece Measuring Cup Set, Set of 3 (Best Alternative)

Anchor Hocking has been around for even longer than Pyrex. They are the main competitor to pyrex and they survived for a reason. Aside from their vintage bakeware, their measuring cup is still one of the Best. Like pyrex, they feature easy to read level and their cups can easily stack together. Just be a little careful when stacking. The only thing I dont like is the lack of the 8 cup model. Its really handy having a large measuring cup.


Glass Measuring Cups are a indispensable tool. They offer quick, easy and accurate measurement. They perform better than the plastic one, you just need to read it correctly. The old king is still the best, Pyrex. However, their rival Anchor Hocking still makes really good one. They just lack the 8 cup model which is the most versatile. Either one you choose, you wont be dissapointed.

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