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Induction Cooktop vs Electric vs Gas

Fire is the oldest way to cook food. Its instant heat and powerful. However, modern technology has allowed for alternative ways of cooking. Electric and Induction are popular choices when a gas line is not available. But these alternative has issues. The main problems that they have is power. Depending on your home kitchen, they might not even be strong enough to boil water. This article will take a closer look between Induction Cooktop vs Electric vs Gas. We will go over the pros and cons of each one and help you determine which is best.

What is Induction Cooking?

Induction Heating is done with magnets. As electricity is run through the copper coil, a magnetic current is ran through the pan. This create almost instantaneous heat. Because of this, the heat is very even throughout the pan. However, the level of heat is dependent on the electrical power output.

Disadvantage of Induction Cooktop

You also need pans that are compatible. Pans that have a magnetic pull works, but metals like Aluminum and Copper wont. If you want to test if its compatible, just get a magnet and see if it sticks. The type of cookware that works with induction is Cast Iron, Enamel Cast Iron and Stainless Steel. A lot of time, manufacturer will put a stainless steel base to make it compatible.

Another thing you have to consider is electricity. A lot of time, you need to hire a electrician to covert your power outlet. The standard 120 volt is simply too weak. To get the best result, use a 220 volt outlet. That will give you the extra oomph for cooking.

Electric Cook Top

With a Electric Cooktop, a current is run through a electric coil. This create resistance and in turn, generate heat. A lot of modern electric griddle is powered via this method. The problem with Electric Cooktop is simply power. They are weaker compared to Induction and Gas. Not only that, the pan needs to be in close contact with the coil. With gas, the heat radiates extremely well. So having a warped pan is acceptable.

I general find that cooking with both Electric and Induction Cooktop to be odd. While its great for boiling water, its odd for regular cooking.

Gas Cooktop

In my opinion Gas Cooktop are the best. Its the most powerful and the pan does not have to be perfectly flat. The only issue is that gas is not the most convenient. You need a gas line in order for it to work. If you dont have it preinstalled, you can be looking at thousand to have it retrofitted.

Another benefit for Gas is that any type of cookware is compatible. Since most cookware sits on a metal grate, you dont have to worry about damaging the surface. Electric and Induction will often time have a glass surface. If you have a cast iron pan, it can scratch the surface.

Which is Best Induction Cooktop vs Electric vs Gas

The best cooktop depends on your personal preference. I personally prefer the Gas Cooktop. Its the easiest to cook with and the most powerful. The problem is that its not the most convenient. You dont always have access to a gas line. In this case, induction can be good. You can use the standard 120 volt, but its pretty weak. You also need the right cookware for it to work. If these dont work for you, then go with electric. Electric might be the weakest of the bunch, but its the most convenient. You can plug it anywhere and its pretty portable. You can even find lots of tiny hot plate. Great for dorm rooms and RV.

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