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Best Cream and Sugar Set

Coffee is great and some drink it black. However, some people like Cream and Sugar. Serving it together can accommodate more people taste and preference. What better way to serve it than with a Cream and Sugar Bowl Set. It adds a sense of style and class to your drink. However, not all of them are appropriate to every setting. Getting the right color and style is critical tying the ambiance together.

What is a Cream and Sugar Bowl Set

Its just a bowl that stores cream and sugar. People use to use silver plated bowl to store cream and sugar. It was a reflection of the era style. However, these day ceramic sets are more common. The bowl material has no affect on the flavor or performance.

The cream portion of the bowl is usually left uncovered. While the sugar set is covered with a small spoon.

Getting the Right Style

These day, there are a lot of different type of cream and sugar bowl set. The clean white ceramic one are the most common and versatile. It looks classy and can be served with just about any coffee set. You can often find them in diner, cafe and even high end coffee shop.

However, for your home, if you have a set of Le Creuset products, you might want to consider one of their bowls. It matches their existing dinner ware and can bring a sense of cohesion.

The glass models are a little more common in those low tier diner. Usually you pour it from a jar with a flap on it. However, one neat little set is by chemex. It looks like the flask from chemex, just a miniature version.

Best Cream and Sugar Bowl Set

Below, you will find a list of Cream and Sugar Bowl Set. There are quite a few option available. Choose one that best suits you. Performance is about the same.

BPFY 11oz Cream Color Ceramic Cream and Sugar Set, Coffee Serving Sets, Sugar Bowl with Lid (Best Overall)

A clean white ceramic bowl can not be beat. It matches most coffee bowl and diner plate. You can see these set in almost any coffee bar from low end to high end. This model by BPFY is very generic and wont stand out at all. But it will blend into your decor. This is the perfect set for most people and its affordable to boot. The other one that I listed looks cooler but might be out of place by itself. Its also a bit more expensive…

Le Creuset Stoneware Cream and Sugar, 2 pc. Set, Marseille (Best Colorful Set)

Le Creuset can be found in almost any kitchen. Their color is beautiful and stunning to almost any guest. If you have their dinnerware, you can find a matching set. Or if you have their coffee mug, this works as well. The only problem is that its pretty expensive.

Chemex Handblown Glass 2 Piece Cream and Sugar Set (Best Glass Set)

Chemex Handblown Glass 2 Piece Cream and Sugar Set

Chemex are great way to make pour over coffee. However, this neat little set is perfect for storing cream and sugar. There is also a stop cover to prevent dust and danger from getting in. Its the perfect set for serving with your chemex.


A cream and sugar bowl set is great for serving with coffee. It ties the drink together and ties together the ambiance. The most versatile and simple is a white ceramic set. Its affordable and works in almost any setting. However, if you want a bit of flare, you can get the model by Le Creuset. For chemex, they make a miniature version that has a stop as well. Any of these work, just get one that you like.

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