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Best Handheld Milk Frother

Some drink coffee black, other with sugar, some with milk and for those of us who like texture, with frothed milk. But what is frothed milk, its whipped hot milk that turns into foamy goodness. If you combine that with the strong flavor of coffee, you get a perfect blend of flavor and texture. But can we make frothed milk without a barista steam wand? Yes, all you need is a simple Handheld Milk Frother. The Best Handheld Milk Frother should be easy to clean, portable and has good battery life.

What is a Handheld Milk Frother?

A Handheld Milk Frother is a device used to froth milk. At its core, its a simple rotating motor with a frothing wand attached to it. For it to work effectively, you need hot milk. The wand will help air into it creating foam. There are some frother that can heat up milk while frothing, but its rare to find one with a handheld model.

Are Handheld Milk Frother Any Good?

Yes, as long as you use it correctly. This means that you need to heat up the milk and let it whip it. So long as you have those two element, you can get whipped milk. Some might question the quality of the foam, but for most people it should be fine. If you want true barista quality foam, then you should invest in a steam frother.

Can you Froth Milk by Hand?

Yes, people use to froth milk with a plunger. Its a device that looks very similar to a french press. The glass cylinder is smaller and it works via the same principle. You first have to preheat the milk, then push the plunger up and down. I suppose you can try using your french press if you have one. You can also try using a whisk to make the foam. Chef usually do this over a Double Boiler. However, this is not at all practical for coffee.

How to Use a Handheld Milk Frother

To use a Handheld Milk Frother, begin by heating the milk. You can pop it in the microwave for around a minute. The duration should change depending on the quantity. But as long as its steaming, it should be fine. Stick the frother into the milk and turn it on. Move it around and as it foams to the right texture stop. Pour the froth milk on top of the coffee or vice versa. It really depends on you.


To clean it, I just run the device in soapy water. Its best to do this after you froth milk. If you let it crust over, not only will it smell, its will be difficult to clean. If it did crust over, let it soak in water. Then use a sponge to get most of it off. This method has been pretty effective in my experience.

Best Handheld Milk Frother List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Handheld Milk Frother. Truth be told, theyre all pretty much the same. There are some variation in hand design and battery life. But they all pretty much work.

Zulay Original Milk Frother Handheld Foam Maker for Lattes (Best Overall)

Zulay milk frother is one of the most rated frother on amazon. It has a wide range of color and it comes with a neat little stand. Perfect place to put next to your coffee machine. To use it, just stick it in the milk and press the button. Within seconds, you should have perfectly frothed milk. Plus its affordable to boot.

PowerLix Milk Frother Handheld Battery Operated Electric Whisk Foam Maker For Coffee (Best Alternative)

Looking for an alternative, this one looks almost the same as Zulay. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if its made in the same factory. Regardless, it works and should do all your frothing needs.


There are many ways to froth milk. You have steam, whisk and even machine. But the quickest and easiest way is via a handheld device. Theyre affordable and they all pretty much work. Either option I have listed is good, but you can also find other alternative. Its hard to mess up such a simple device.

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