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Best Breville Milk Frother Review

Nothing is better than a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. The best way to enjoy the coffee is a perfectly frothed milk. There are a few ways to froth milk. The traditional way is via steam from a steam generator. Other ways include a plunger with heat and even a miniature whisk. Breville Milk Frother introduced a new way of doing this. It uses a combination of induction heating with a built in whisk. They even let you set the desired temperature for different thickness. This Breville Milk Frother review will take a closer look at the design and feature.

How Does Breville Milk Frother Work?

Breville Milk Frother works via induction. At the base, there is a coil that makes magnetic resistance. When its in contact with the stainless steel base, it generates instant and even heat. As it heats up, so does the tiny spindle. The spindle spins and it generates foam. Depending on your temperature setting, you will get varying thickness and lift. Its a ingenious way of aerating you drink, not only milk.

How to Use Breville Milk Frother

To use Breville Milk Frother, select your desired temperature setting by turning the knob. Then press start to froth. Once done, it will stop and it should be ready. Pour as directed.

There are two disc type. The Cappucino frothing disk is for thicker and creamier forth. The Latte is more light, I generally prefer the cappucino one. You can store them on the back of the machine. It has a carrying case.

Cracking and Breaking

There are numerous account of user reporting that the base cracks after a while. This is an issue, but you can avoid it by storing the cup outside of the machine after use. What happens is the heat continues heating the plastic casing and eventually cause it to crack. By simply removing after use, you will significantly increase its life span.

Making Hot Chocolate

Since this milk frother applies heat and stir, its very easy to make hot chocolate. All you need to do is add all the ingredient and let it do its job. Once it reaches the right temperature it will stop. The bad thing is that this machine will add air and make it lighter. This is in contrast to a thick and creamy hot chocolate. But as long as you are ok with an aerated hot chocolate, it will work just fine.

You can also make the hot chocolate without the disc. Just be sure to stir every once in a while. If you dont, it will burn.

Matcha Tea and Other Drinks

Considering that this is a heating pot, you can make other drinks such as matcha. Since this machine also aerate, this make it the perfect vessel. However, there are issue with the powder lumping. I recommend that you pre mix it before adding it into the pot.

You can also heat up stews and soups. While, its not as effective as the stove top, its great for convenience. You can also use it for smaller area such as dorm room and RV.


Breville Milk Frother is an excellent milk frothing machine. The temperature setting and the varying thickness gives you complete control of your drink. Its automated and easy to use. This is in contrast with the wand, plunger and steamer. Almost everyone can use this and get good results. You can also use this machine to make other drinks such as tea, soups and matcha. Just find drinks that needs to be heated and this should work just fine.

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