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Best Heart Shaped Cake Pan and More

Valentine day is almost here and what better way to show love than with heart shaped food. You can either fry beaten eggs or bake a pizza. However, I recommend baking cakes and brownies for the best result. They give you the most artistic freedom when decorating. Not only that, who doesnt love eating sweet stuff during valentine day. Because of the unique shape, the Best Heart Cake Shape Pan should be nonstick and easy to release. There are quite a few different variation on the market. Buying more than one might be ideal.

Heart Shaped Cake Pan Uses

The best thing to make in a Heart Shaped Cake Pan is obviously cake. After you bake the sponge cake, you can decorate it in frosting and other toppings. However, for the smaller cake pan, like the cast iron one, you can bake things like bronies or even make pancakes. In these situation, I recommend you get a cast iron pan. They develop a nonstick coating and they can give some color on those pancakes.

If you want to cook things like an Egg, I recommend you do things like a Frittata. While you can scramble eggs, when you unmold it, it sometimes look unsightly. With a Frittata, it can be served right in the pan and it will keep its appearance. But if you really want to fry an egg, then I recommend getting a heart shaped ring mold. They will give you that heart shape egg you’re looking for.

Other things that you can make are stuff like quiche or any other baked goods. You are not just limited by cakes.

Different Pan for Different Purpose

There are many pans on the market, they are all designed for different purpose. The most basic type of cake pan are the plain shape one. They are the tried and true pan of a baker. You can mold and shape the cake after you finish baking. Next comes the bundt pan, these bundt pan have a fluted center that allows for more rapid and even baking. Shapes are usually pre defined and best for quick and easy work. Miniature Quiche Pan are great for baking stuff with short bread. The bottom can be pushed out so that it can be easily unmolded. Cast Iron Cake pan are great for small things like Brownies or Frittata. Finally, spring form pan are best suited for stuff like cheese cake. They let the cake keep it shape and you can unmold it without breaking it.

Different Metals for Bakeware

The most common type of metal used in Bakeware is aluminum. They are light, cheap and conduct heat well. With use, they get black and develop a nonstick coating. Since cakes are rarely acidic, they wont react and impart a metallic shape.

Cast Iron and Carbon Steel are another popular. They develop a better nonstick coating than aluminum or stainless steel. However, they are poor heat conductor. They take a while to heat up and if not properly heated, they can provide uneven cooking.

Nonstick variety can be made in either aluminum or carbon steel. They are the easiest to use and unmolding is a cinch. You do not have to prepare the pans butter and flour like the other one.

Stainless Steel is unreactive and very durable. However, they stick the most. Its not recommended to bake in stainless steel cake pan.

Best Heart Shaped Cake Pan Mold List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Heart Shaped Cake Pan. Since they serve different purpose, choose one that best suit your need.

Nordic Ware Cast Bundt Bakeware Tiered Heart (Best for Cake)

If you want to impress your loved one, than this model by Nordic Ware is best. Its comes pre tiered so you dont have to bake three separate cake. This bundt pan is casted aluminum so its thicker than your standard cake pan. Its also has a nonstick coating for easy unmolding. Unlike traditional cake pan, the center is fluted for quick and even baking. You cant go wrong with this cake pan. They have other heart shape design as well.

Hershey’s Valentine’s Day Cast Iron Heart Shaped Skillet (Best for Brownies and Frittata)

For things like Brownies and Frittata, a cast iron pan is the way to go. The lip is low and it can get a nonstick coating. This kit by Hershey even has a pre mix brownie powder for easy baking. If you are new to baking, then it should be the ideal choice.

Gutsdoor 6 Pack Tart Pans with Removable Bottom 4 Inch Mini Quiche Pan (Best for Quiche)

For a more savory snack, consider making quiche. These tin are nonstick and they are easily unmolded on the bottom. You get 6 so you can serve multiple people or just eat a bunch of them. I recommend flavoring each of them differently for variety. But the choice is yours.

Springform Cake Pan, Kemxing 9 inch Heart Shaped Cheesecake Baking Mold (Best for Cheesecake)

If traditional sponge cake is not your thing, then cheesecake is a great alternative. This spring form pan will unlatch right after you finish baking. It will also hold in all the batter mix when you pour it in. Although I still recommend a tray, its not really foolprooth… Nevertheless, it has a nonstick coating to reduce chances of it breaking.


There are many heart shape cake pans on the market. They come in different materials and serve different purpose. I recommend that you buy the right one for the jobs. For stuff like cakes, the model by Nordic Ware is heavy duty and provide even baking. However, for stuff like brownies and Frittata, a shallow cast iron pan will be a better choice. If you want things like Quiche, then a heart shape model is a good choice. But for cheesecake, you need a spring form pan.

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