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Best Fish Poacher

Fish is one of the Healthiest food you can eat. They are lean in fat and dont leave you filling bloated. The little fat they have are healthy omega 3 fatty acid. Best of all, eating fish reduce your environmental impact. There are many ways you can cook egg, from frying to steaming. But one of the most traditional way to cook fish is via poaching. The Best Fish Poacher should be large enough to fit a full fillet. They should also have beefy large handle for easy usage.

How to use a Fish Poacher

To use a Fish Poacher, gather your ingredients. Usually it will be a mixture of herb and spices. Add half of the herbs and rest it over the lifting mechanism. Add the Fillet of Fish and then add all the other ingredients/herbs. Fill the water level a quarter to half of the tank. Once done, cover the fish poacher with the lid and put on the heat. Bring it to a simmer and let it cook until done. Alternatively, you can also put it in the oven for a more gentle cook. Either method works.


The good thing about Fish Poacher is that they all work pretty well. What sets them apart is mainly ergonomics. Things like handle, metal and cleaning are what sets them apart. Some poacher are designed for whole and oddly shaped fish like Turbot. Those look a bit like a coffin.


One annoying thing about the cheaper fish poacher are the handles. In my experience, they use tiny little handles that make them hard to grip. While its easy to hold without a glove on, try that when the poacher is hot. In this case, a wide handle that can accommodate a glove is necessary. Handles that are up and away are better than those close to its side. They take up less room and are easier to handle in general.

Lifting Mechanism

The insert in a fish poacher should have two handle on either side with a perforated bottom. This lets liquid percolate and steam the fish. When you are done poaching, all you need to do is lift and remove. Models with no lifter or just poorly made one will cause the fillet to break apart.


Stainless Steel and Copper are the most common metal used. In terms of performance, copper beats it. The heat travels along the poacher a lot more effectively than stainless steel. Considering the length of the poacher, this is more important on the stove top. However, the downside is that copper often time use tin. The lining will turn dark and grey and most people are put off by it. The exterior will also lose its luster with use.

Stainless Steel is a poor conductor of heat. They dont transfer heat as well but they more than make up for it with its ease of use. The exterior does not stain or rust nor does it react with acidic food like copper does. This means you dont have to worry about the tin lining wearing down.

Best Fish Poacher List

Below you will find a list of some of the Fish Poacher on the market. There are a few different model available, choose one that best suit you.

Mauviel Copper Fish Poacher, 23-5/8 by 5-7/8-Inches (Best Overall)

If you want the Best Fish poacher money can buy, then buy Mauviel. They are a French Manufacturer of copper cookware. These fish poacher are hand built by artisan and will perform the best out of any fish poacher out there. The handles are large and comfortable and the copper will heat up the pan the quickest. The only downside is the enormous price tag….

RSVP International Endurance Stainless Steel Fish Poacher, 18″ (Best Stainless Steel Poacher)

While copper is nice, its also quite expensive. RSVP stainless steel poacher is made of a high grade steel so it wont rust and deteriorate. The handles are wide for a easy grip, however, its not very comfortable. Nevertheless, the lifter is easy to use and effective. Its also quite a bit cheaper than Mauviel poacher.

BergHOFF Stainless Steel Fish Poacher (Best Alternative)

This Fish Poacher by Berghoff is actually better than RSVP. However, they are generally unavailable. Nevertheless, the base uses a copper bottom so it has the heating properties of copper with the benefit of stainless steel. It wont rust and tarnish like other model. Its too bad that its not available anymore.


The good thing is that most fish poacher work well. While Copper is my preferred choice, the price is out of reach for most people. The stainless steel by RSVP is designed well and will do the job just fine. Its also quite a bit more affordable then its French cousin.

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