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Best Bacon Grease Container

Fat from products such as duck, pork and bacon are Chef Secret. Whether its for frying eggs, pancakes or even making confit, it is crucial that you preserve the fat. They add flavor and can transform your dish. If used in moderation, they wont cause any ill health effect. While there are many different containers on the market, not all of them are created equal. Some have strainers others have handle or spout. What is important to one person might not be to another. But in my experience, the Best Bacon Grease Container is large, durable and keeps contaminants out. I have compiled a list of some of the Best Bacon Grease container out there.

Best Bacon Grease Container Design


In general the larger the container the better. Grease container with small opening are difficult to pour in and you will probably make a mess. Having a larger container also lets you store more fat. You can always pour more in a large container but not a small one. Something you dont want when you accidentally make too much bacon. We recommend that you get one that has at least 2 quarts and above.


Is spout important? Its great if it worked. Unfortunately on most grease container, the spout is too small. The strainer gets in the way and it dribbles everywhere. Another thing that you should consider is that a lot of these saturated fat is solid at room temperature. You wouldn’t be able to pour it. It is much easier to scoop it with a spoon and plop it onto a pan. In my experience, these spouts are useless unless the oil is still somewhat warm.


One of the quickest way for fat to go bad is to leave bits in them. Those piece of meat will attract bacteria and eventually mold will form. You need a strainer to catch the bacon bits so that it does not rot and ruin the fat. Besides, those pieces of meat are already cook, if you put it in the pan, you will probably just burn it.

The Best strainers are already integrated. They fit the pot perfectly and you dont have to source your own. Which in my experience never really work well.

Rust Free

Bacon Grease Container that is either made of stainless steel or painted wont rust. Some container use cheaper quality of steel and those will rust when you wash it. If that happens, you can always sand it a bit, but its best to get a better grade one.


When looking for a lid, try to find one that is easy to open. Those tight fitting one are nice, but when you are cooking, do you really want to struggle? The same is true for the strainer. Look for one that is easy to pop off. Do not get one that will cause you to fumble around.


A handle is only important if you plan on moving it around. Great if you just pour in hot grease, the container will get hot. However, if you just leave it on the stove, then you can push it aside. I personally find it gets in the way.

List of the Best Bacon Grease Container

Oggi Jumbo Container

Oggi Jumbo Bacon Grease Container
MaterialStainless Steel
Size4 qt
HandleNo Handle, just a simple container.
Strainer and LidThe lid is a simple plastic cap that is easy to pop off. The strainer is the same as well. It has many small perforation so that it will catch more sediments. It is a no fuss easy to use lid and strainer.
ThoughtsOne of the best bacon grease container out there. It is large and has a big diameter. It lets you pour grease in with ease and the lid is easy to pop off. The stainless steel construction also means it wont rust. You cant go wrong with this.
Reviewed ContainerOggi 7347 Jumbo Grease Can, 4 Quart, Stainless

RSVP International Endurance Fryer Friend Pot Can

RSVP Grease Container
MaterialStainless Steel
Size6 Cup
HandleSimple handle that is spot welded. It is not very strong so I do not recommend using a dishwasher.
Strainer and LidStrainer and Lid are easy to remove. It is a simple cap that is not too tight fitting. The strainer has small perforation to catch most of the sediments. However, the rim makes it smaller, it flows a little slower. Nevertheless, it works well and it prevents oil from overflowing.
ThoughtsWhile its not as robust as Oggi, it is still a very good container. It has a pour spot that lets you pour the fat a little easier. The handle are a little flimsy though.
Reviewed ContainerRSVPInternational Endurance(ST-80FF) Stainless Steel Fryer’s Friend Pot Can, 6 Cup

Cook n Home Grease Storage

Cook n Home Grease Storage
MaterialStainless Steel
Size3.5 qt
HandleNo Handle, just a container
Strainer and LidThe lid is a simple lid that is easy to remove. The knob is also large meaning that its easy to grab. The strainer has a little handle on the top so that its easy to remove. They seem to have updated it for a more durable design. The perforation is small and its easy to remove.
ThoughtsA generous capacity container. The strainer is good with a easy to grab handle. The stainless steel body also means that it wont rust with use. Overall, not a bad container.
Reviewed ContainerCook N Home 02651 Stainless Steel Oil Grease Storage Can with strainer, 3.5 quarts, Silver

Ayesha Curry Grease Container

Ayesha Curry Grease Container
MaterialEnamel Coated Steel
Size4 inch x 5.5 inch. Around 2 cups
HandleNo Handle, just a simple container.
Strainer and LidIt has no strainer but the lid is well built with a good handle.
ThoughtsThe only reason why I listed it here is because its one of the best seller on amazon. It should tell you that it lacks what other manufacturer has. Although it is pretty and relatively affordable. The small size makes you wanting something larger. The enamel is great though.
Reviewed ContainerAyesha Curry 47989 Enamel on Steel Bacon Grease Can / Bacon Grease Container

Best Bacon Grease Container Thoughts

There are many Bacon Grease Container out there. They all have their quirks and features. If you want a simple no frill and easy to use container, I recommend oggi. For a model with a handle, rsvp is a good choice. But if you want something with some character, you can go with ayesha curry. They all work well, I recommend that you choose one that best suits you.

I hope you like this Best Pancake Pan, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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