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Best Cast Iron Waffle Maker

These day, the only Waffler Maker are electric with a nonstick coating. For the most part, they work pretty well. However, I argue that the Best Waffle Maker are the traditional cast iron one. Overtime, they develop a natural nonstick coating and they are generally more durable. But the Best Cast Iron Waffle Maker has well defined ridges for deep groves in the Waffle. I argue that the vintage models are the best, but newer iteration can work just as well.

Is there a Cast Iron Waffle Maker?

Thanks to the popularity of electric waffle maker, most are not even aware of its existence. A lot of bigger name cookware shop dont even carry them in the shop. You would have to go online to find them.

How to use a Cast Iron Waffle Maker

Using a Cast Iron Waffle Maker is a little different than a electric waffle maker. Instead of a simple indicator light, you have to rely on experience and intuition. To begin, ensure that the pan is fully seasoned. If its not, the waffle will stick and get destroyed.

After ensuring that its season, begin by heating the pan. Use low heat to start off. This ensures that the pan will heat up evenly. Once up to temperature, you can raise the temperature. Add oil or butter to ensure and swirl to coat it with oil. Add batter than close, after the bottom is cooked to your desire doneness, flip to cook the other side.


Cleaning is one of the hardest thing with a waffle maker. Since soap is not recommended for cast iron, you should use a brush. Models with a stiff bristle is recommended. In my experience, the one by OXO is a good choice. If you dont have the brush, a chopstick can be used to pick off crud.


There are a few different waffle available. My favorite is the belgain waffle. It has deep groves to make a big waffle. Perfect for storing all the syrup. The traditional American waffle is smaller and more flat, similar to the one you get from eggos. There are also heart shaped waffle. These type are a bit more rare, you can generally find them in the vintage waffle maker. Finally square waffles are popular as well.

For the most part, its all the same aside from the shape. But the Belgain style has more of a custard interior. You can also store more topping on it.

Best Cast Iron Waffle Maker List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Cast Iron Waffle Maker. There are a few different models available, choose one that best suits you. I should note that a lot of modern iteration is limited. So you wont get as much choice as you would for the electric model.

Rome Industries Old Fashioned Waffle Cast Iron, Black (Best Overall)

Rome Industries is one of the older Niche Cast Iron Manufacturer. They use to make a lot of their product in America. These day, not so much. Nonetheless, their product are still well made and work well. The same is true for the waffle maker. This is the standard American style waffle. Great for stacking and great for a traditional American breakfast.

HAWOK Cast Iron Square Waffle Iron Waffle Maker (Best Square Model)

Hawok is another choice if you want a square waffle. Like the other model it has a heavy cast iron construction. I recommended that you apply another coat of oil and season it. This prevents any sticking that might occur. I also recommend that you heat it up fully before use. It will give you the best crust and reduce the amount of failure.


Honestly your options are pretty limited. If you can, try to find the Vintage Model from Griswold and Wagner Ware. I should warn you, they are pretty expensive. These modern models by Rome Industries are good alternative. But they are not as good as the vintage model. The shape is not as defined and hinges are not as good.

Looking for a Heart Shape Waffle Maker? Check out our article on the Best Heart Shape Waffle Maker.

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