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Best Matcha Bowl and Whisk

Matcha Tea, its the new coffee. The bright green frothy drink is showing up everywhere from starbucks to your local ice cream shop. Unfortunately, most of these drinks comes at a premium. Not only that, they dont really resemble how Matcha is drank in Japan. The good thing is that with a Matcha Bowl and Whisk, you can have the authentic drink right at your home. The Best Matcha Bowl are those that can be drank out of with a ceramic construction to keep it hot.

What is a Matcha Bowl?

A Matcha Bowl or ChaWan is a bowl designed to froth up matcha. In Japan, the bowl is used to make the drink and serve out of. Some bowls, known as a Katakuchi Matcha Bowl, have a pouring spout to pour. Its great if you want to drink matcha in a different cup.

The most common type of Matcha Bowl uses a ceramic construction, but you can often find them in glass form.

How to Use a Matcha Bowl and Whisk?

To use a Matcha Bowl and whisk, began by preheating the Matcha Bowl. Add hot water and dump it. This preheats the bowl and prevents it from cooling. Add a scoop of Matcha then hot water. Grab the whisk and rapidly move in a front to back motion. This creates foam and gives it the iconic frothy texture. Be sure to knock out any giant bubbles.

Once done, you can serve the drink in the same bowl or pour it into a glass. I recommend serving it in the same bowl for the best result.

Can you use a Different Bowl?

Yes and No, you can use a bigger bowl, but get a appropriate size whisk. Since they dont usually create a whisk of the same size, it most likely wont work. Its best to use a bowl designed for that particular sized whisk.

What about design?

The design and color is just that. They dont affect performance nor will it do anything else. You should get one that you suits your kitchen/tea bar. Something that you like drinking out of is good also.

The interior of the bowl should be smooth so that when you whisk, it wont get in the way. Technically the whisk shouldn’t be touching the base of the bowl though. The lip of the bowl should be comfortable as well so it wont cut your guest.

The Shape of the bowl should contour to the shape of your hand. When you grab it, you should be able to cup both side of it and bring it to your lip. The interior of the bowl should also have a curvature so that its easy to whisk. No sharp L corner.

The footing of the bowl should help it be stable so it wont rock during whisking. Having a well rounded bottom means it wont scratch your surface.

Size wise, the bowl should be around 4.5 – 5 inches. Although there exist larger bowl.

Best Matcha Bowl and Whisk List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Matcha Bowl and Whisk Set. There are a few options available. If you really want to get a true matcha bowl, find one that is Made in Japan. Although that is a bit difficult in the states.

Minoyaki Oburo Grey Matcha Bowl Ochawan Made in Japan (Best Overall)

This is one of the few bowls that are made in Japan. Crafted by Japanese artisan, you can be sure of the best quality. Not only that, its also one of the more affordable model. Although you need to buy the whisk separately.

Textured Glass Matcha Bowl With Pouring Spout – Handmade Japanese Style Matcha Green Tea (Best Katakuchi Matcha Bowl)

If you want one with a pouring spot, this texture glass model is a good choice. It uses borosilicate glass so that it resist shattering. The design is simple yet elegant. So making it and serving with it still looks nice.

KAISHANE Japanese Matcha Whisk Set Matcha Tea Ceremony Set of 4 (Best Complete Set Model)

If you just one buy it and set it model, this model is great. You get the whisk, spoon and bowl all in one. There are also many other bowl on amazon, just follow the guide and find one that you like. I just think this model is a good value.


There are many Matcha Bowls available, these chawans come in a variety of shape and design. Find one that has a smooth interior, solid base and comfortable rim. I think the models made in Japan are great for authenticity. However, models like the glass one or even the set are good as well. They might lack the fit and finish, but its good enough to do the job.

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