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Best Teapot with Infuser

Brewing coffee is very different than brewing tea. Instead of dripping hot water through the coffee ground, you infuse tea leaves with hot water. Once the tea has been steep long enough, you remove it to prevent over brewing. Because this technique is different, a different pot needs to be used for brewing. There are a few different infuser teapot. However, the Best Teapot with Infuser should be able to strain tea leaves without leaving any in your cup. It should also be easy to clean and stop brewing when necessary.

Type of Teapot Infuser

There are two main type of infuser teapot. The traditional one is a teapot with a trainer in the center. You add leaves in the center strainer and then pour in hot water. Once ready, you strain and pour.

The modern version is a top loaded teapot and is easier to use than the other model. All you need to do is add hot water and put it over a cup when done. Once its over a cup, the bottom is depressed and opens a chamber for tea to flow. Its very convenient and perfect for single serve tea.

Benefits of the Traditional Tea Pot

Traditional Tea Pot are still the go to choice for brewing tea. High quality models uses Yi Xing Clay. This clay is native to China and has a porous texture. As you use it, the claypot will take on the flavor of the tea. Because of this, its recommended that you only use teapot specific to that tea. One thing to note is that finding real authentic teapot is difficult to find online. For that reason, getting a glass tea pot is a good alternative.

How to Use a Teapot with Infuser

Using a teapot requires a different technique. When brewing, I recommend that you preheat the pot. Once the pot has soaked the temperature, empty it out and load the tea leaves. Add the appropriate temperature water and let it steep. Different tea have different brewing temperature.

For the modern tea pot, add tea leaves into the container. Then add the correct temperature water and let it steep. Once done, put it over the cup and serve.


Its important to clean the infuser teapot after use. If you do not clean it or remove the tea leaves, it can start to develop mold. This mold can be toxic and add off flavor to your tea. Since the clay models are porous, that is the last thing you want.

For the top loaded tea brewer, some of the mesh is integrated. If you happen to get mold, it will be difficult to clean. I find that if you can get a stream of pressurized water, you can easily remove it. I found that a waterpik used to water floss teeth is a good alternative.

Best Teapot with Infuser List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Teapot Infuser. There are a few different models available, choose one that best suits you.

Adagio Teas 28 oz. ingenuiTEA Iced Tea Teapot (Best Overall)

IngenuiTEA is the new way of brewing tea. They design it so that all you need to do is add tea leave and hot water. Its the perfect vessel for single serve tea. The only issue that I have with this is the filter. Since its not tight fitting, when you pour hot water, it has a tendency to come loose. I find that as long as your pour it down the side, it should be fine. Once you’re done brewing, just empty the tea leaves and rinse it with soapy water.

Hario ChaCha Kyusu Maru Tea Pot, 700ml, glass,CHJMN-70T (Best for Large Tea Serving)

This Kyusu design looks traditional and performs wonderfully. The glass looks elegant and looks great at any tea bar. The strainer is easy to use as well. All you need to do is add tea leaves and add water. However, I should caution that even though its heat treated, the glass is fragile. I would take care when in use. But you shouldn’t have any issue so long as you don’t slam or hit it.

TOWA Workshop Tetsubin Teapot (Best Cast Iron Tea Infuser)

A cast iron tea infuser is perfect for gathering a family together. Its heavy construction means that it can hold heat well and keep your tea hot. However, I recommend to remove the tea leaves if you plan on leaving it in. If not, you can over brew your tea. This model by Towa is beautiful and has a rope handle to keep it cool when its hot. There are many sizes available, get one that suits your need.


There are many option for infusing your tea. My favorite one to use is the simple top loader one by IngenuiTEA. Its perfect for a single serving and its easy to use/clean. However, for a more traditional model, the one by Hario is a good choice. But for a more durable one, cast iron by Towa is great as well.

Looking for a more traditional tea pot? Check out our article on the Best Japanese Tea Pot.

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