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Best Japanese Tea Pot

Tea is one of the most drank beverage in Asia. Perhaps one of the most well known brewer, aside from China, is Japan. They make a wide range of tea pot from cast iron to pottery. The Tetsubin or cast iron tea pot has recently come into popularity. Its sleek design and heavy construction are what draws most people. But its actually designed to be used around a fire. For home use, the Best Japanese Tea Pot are actually smaller and more simple in design.

Different type of Japanese Tea Pot

There are a few different models of Japanese Tea Pot. While they all brew tea, they serve different purpose. Brewing will also vary depending on what you get.


The most traditional Japanese Tea Pot are known as a Kyusu. A Kyusu is a ceramic or stone based pot designed mostly for Green Tea. You can find them in two common configuration. One with a side handle and another with a rear handle. Usage is a little more difficult than other type of tea brewer. Since Kyusu are typically not flame compatible, you can only brew by pouring hot water in. Its recommended that you preheat it to maintain proper brewing temperature.

Testubin Cast Iron Japanese Tea Pot

Another type of Japanese Tea Pot is the Testubin (鉄瓶). These are cast iron kettle with a striking exterior. Traditionally, these pots are heated over charcoal on a sand pit. Friends and family will gather around it for its warmth. Designs of the Testubin and will usually resemble the maker design. Most home cook gets it primarily for its design rather than the performance. However, these are still great pot for making Black Tea. They cant go on the stove and brew tea at a higher temperature. Some models will have a enamel lining to prevent rust.

Glass Tea Pots

Japanese Glass Tea pots are the preferred choice for home use. They are elegant and well designed. Used primarily for green tea, they resemble the traditional Kyusu the most. However unlike a Kyusu, the Glass Tea pot usually have a side strainer. After brewing, all you need to do is remove the filter to have a clean pot of tea.

How to Use?

To use a Japanese Tea Pot is pretty simple. Preinfused the tea with hot water. Let it sit for 30 second to a minute and dump it. Load the tea into the pot and pour in hot water. The temperature of the water should match your tea. For example, green tea should be brewed at temperature of around 165 degree Fahrenheit. The cast iron Japanese tea pot and be brewed on the stove.

Best Japanese Tea Pot List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Japanese Tea Pot. I have listed them based on material and construction, choose one that best suits you.

Hario Cha Kyusu Maru Tea Pot (Best Overall)

Hario is a Japanese manufacturer of beverage goods. Their products ranges from tea to coffee. Their Cha Kyusu Maru is one of the best selling product on amazon. It works very much like a traditional Kyusu but with a glass construction. You can add a variety of tea in it and also infuse it with different fruit. This model has a separate strainer for easy brewing. Cleaning is also very simple, a simple swish of spa and sponge is all you need.

TOWA Workshop Tetsubin Teapot

For a more traditional looking pot, a Tetsubin is a good choice. It comes in many different design so choose one that best suit you. However, I found that the model from Towa to be one of the best option. It comes with many different sizes so you have variety. The interior is also lined with enamel so that it will resist rust. Best of all, it makes for a great gift. People just love how it looks.

Japanese Teapot Kyusu Tokoname Youhen Clay Teapot (Best Kyusu Pot)

The other two are nice, but they cant extract flavors like Clay. With use, it takes on the characteristic of the tea. However, its recommended you only stick with one type of tea. If you plan on making green tea, stick with green tea. This model is hand crafted in Japan so you can be sure of its quality. The design is attractive with a beautiful red hue. The size is limited to 11.8 oz so make sure that its enough.


Tea is a great alternative to coffee. The Caffeine content is weaker and it has a more delicate flavor. If youre just starting out, a Japanese Tea Pot is a good choice. I personally like the model by hario. It has a clean and simple design. But some preferred the look and durability of cast iron. In that case, a Tetsubin is a good choice. But for the purist, the Kyusu is your best bet. Unlike the other model, this will develop a patina and get better with usage. They are also made in Japan.

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