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Bourgeat Saucepan Review 16

Matfer Bourgeat is one of the few copper manufacturer that makes a bi-metal copper and stainless steel cookware. This type of cookware configuration is relatively new as copper cookware use to be coated with tin. However, there are some enthusiast who will claim that stainless steel will never transfer heat […]

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All Clad Saucier X Thomas Keller Review

All Clad Saucier X Thomas Keller is a result of the collaboration between all clad and Chef Thomas Keller. Thomas Keller is a three Michelin Star Chef at The French Laundry. He provided his input on what he would like in this series cookware. How the cookware was designed is […]

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Vintage Style Copper Lids

A variety of vintage copper lids

Vintage Copper Lids These Vintage style copper lids are something that are not seem very often nowadays. The construction consists of a long horizontally mounted handle with a circular lid in front. Lids with ridges are designed to only fit certain diameter pots, they stay in place better than the […]

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Dansk 2qt Kobenstyle Review

Dansk produces one of the most unique looking cookware in the cookware industry. The bottom has flared sides which tapers upward with a sharp angle and their handles usually protrude outward like a spiderweb. These odd shape interestingly enough produces one of the most beautiful cookware in its class. But […]

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