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Best Coffee Server and Decanter

Nothing is better than a cup of coffee in the morning. The aroma, the caffeine and the flavor, it simply enticing. With the surge in popularity of pour over coffee, we now enjoy watching it brew before our eyes. But to do so, you first need to get either a coffee server or decanter. With so many model on the market, getting the right one can be difficult. To help with this, we have listed some of the Best Coffee Server and Decanter on the market.

Coffee Server vs Decanter

A coffee server and a Decanter are very similar. Both are designed to pour and serve coffee. However, what differs is the qiamtotu.

Coffee server are typically paired with a pour over drip cone. You place the cone on top of the range server and prepare it right there. Once done, you will decant it. If there is any sediments, it will remain on the bottom. It can leave a bitter flavor. The problem with coffee range server is that they are made of glass. There is no insulation at all. If you leave it out for a few minutes, the coffee will get cold. If you plan on preparing it ahead of time, I recommend using it for ice coffee. On the flip side, most coffee server can be microwaved.

Coffee Decanter are usually used for quantity. They carry a lot more volume that your single serving coffee server. Chemex was one of the original manufacturer of the decanter. Since the recent explosion of popularity, you have your choice in manufacturer. Most look like a vase with a pouring lip. They all work relatively well, the main difference is the filter used. These have no insulation either.

How Long does a Coffee Decanter Keep Coffee Hot?

Not very long. Most coffee decanter are made of glass. There is little to no insulation at all. If you do not plan on drinking it right away, then I recommend either waiting or making ice coffee. If you want to keep it hot, then you need to buy a Coffee Carafe.

Coffee Carafe works via insulation. Most model are double wall and that prevents heat from entering and escaping. However, this is not a full proof system. The point of failure is usually the top and heat escapes via that route. Depending on the size most decanter keeps coffee hot on a average of 4-6 hours. if you want to reheat it, you need to take it out. Pre heating either the decanter or server will help keep the coffee hot longer.

Some coffee server come with a double wall insulated wall. It uses the same technology as the carafe and keeps coffee hot longer. They are generally preferable but it comes with added cost.

Best Coffee Server and Decanter List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Coffee Server and Decanter. I have listed it based on categories. They all serve different purpose, choose one that best suits your need.

Hario V60″Clear” Glass Range Coffee Server (Best Glass Server)

If you love pour over and want to serve guest, consider the model by Hario. Their server is made in Japan with the same aesthetic as their kettle. These glass are heat resistant so it wont crack easily. You have the option of a few different size, I recommend getting the larger 800 ml model. This way if you want to make some on the go or just serving more than one, it can accommodate. The smaller version is only good for single serving.

On a side note, these pair perfectly with their Coffee Dripper. I recommend Getting One if you haven’t already.

HARIO Double Vacuum Structure (Best Insulated Coffee Server)

Tired of your coffee getting cold? Luckily Hario has made a double insulated version. These keep coffee hot longer without having to reheat it. Although, I still recommend that you preheat it. That metal construction can sap a lot of heat when you first pour it in. You will find that it keeps it hot a lot longer.

CHEMEX Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker (Best Coffee Decanter)

For volume and style, nothing beats Chemex. You dont need a separate coffee dripper as it comes built in. What you do need though is their proprietary filter. Which can be quite expensive. However, they are built to a higher standard and filters more off flavor.


If you plan on making pour over, getting either a coffee server or decanter is necessary. They look great when you are preparing your coffee and you can look right in. The problem is that they dont keep it hot. If you wait 30 minute before serving, then a insulated model might work better. They are more durable to boot. Unfortunately, I could not find a good insulated model for the decanter.

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