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Le Creuset Mug Review

Nothing makes a morning better than drinking coffee from a Le Creuset Mug. Its striking shape, color and design brings another class of sipping your mocha. The heavy weight construction means that it will keep the coffee hot longer. Not only that, it does not have a cheap flimsy feeling that other mug have. However, there are certain things to consider. While a heavy cup sounds nice, be aware, that you need to pre heat it as well. If not, you will be drinking a cold cup of coffee. This review will take a closer look at the design and feature of Le Creuset Mug.

Le Creuset Mug Review Quick Summary

Le Creuset Mug
ColorsWide Range of Color
Brand AwarenessWorld Famous
CompatibilityDishwasher, Oven, Microwave, Freezer and Fridge
Country of ManufacturerThailand or China
ThoughtsA fantastic heavy stoneware mug. It goes with any kitchen and its heavy construction means that it will stay hot longer. Just remember to preheat it.
Reviewed CookwareLe Creuset PG90033A-0067 Stoneware Mug

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Why a Mug is Important

There are more to a mug than holding liquid. The weight is actually a very critical aspect. Having something heavier will automatically make us think that it is of a higher class. If you drink out of a plastic or styrofoam cup, your mind will automatically think its cheap. While this may sound superficial, this plays a bigger aspect than you might think.

For example, a Study where they link our sensory experience to eating. They found that the textural properties of a food is linked to the sound we hear. Eating chips that is paired with a louder crunch is perceived to be more crunchy. In that same vain, using a cup that is heavier can affect our perception of the drink.

Le Creuset Mug Construction

Le Creuset uses a stoneware construction for their utensils. They are heavier than your typical porcelain ware. At the exterior, there is a enamel glaze that gives it that iconic color. It is resistant to cracking, chipping and crazing. However, I would still be take care when handling it. It can still shatter if you subject it to impact.

Another great thing about the stoneware is its compatibility. You can use it in microwave, ovens, freezer, fridge, dishwasher and even broiler. However the maximum oven safe temperature is 500 degree Fahrenheit. One thing to note is that it can still shatter if you subject it to thermal shock. Thermal shock is when you put something really hot to a cold surface or vice versa. You need to gradually heat or cool it.


You can clean it like any other utensils. While you can use it in dishwasher it is recommended that you hand wash it. You can soak the cup if there are stuck on food on the mug. This will soften any hard food. If there are weird marks or stain from food or utensils, you can try using some bar keeper friends.


Color is one of the defining features of Le Creuset. If you have a kitchen full of Le Creuset product, their mug is a perfect opportunity to match it. They come in wide range of color that is offered in their cast iron cookware. It also features the famous gradient from dark to light.


There are two main style of Le Creuset Mug. One is the traditional mug. There are 2 sizes, the 12 oz model and the 14 oz model. On the 14 oz model, there is a flaring of the rim and its slight taller. The 12 oz model is more of a straight cup.

The tea mug looks like the original mug but with a slender center.

There is also a cappuccino cup. Those are shaped like a saucer and perfect for making latte art. Just be aware that these cup cool down a lot quicker than a straight cup.

Le Creuset Mug Thoughts

Overall, Le Creuset mug is a great cup to have. It is dishwasher safe, heavy and beautiful to look at. The only thing that I would be aware of is the pre heating. Because of how heavy it is, it can suck out all the heat of your drink. To prevent this you can preheat your cup. This will keep your drink hot for longer.

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2 Comments on “Le Creuset Mug Review

February 13, 2022 at 4:30 am

I find the mug to hot on the outside and hard to hold . I can’t even hold it on the outside . It is so hot to my hand .

Curated Cook
February 17, 2022 at 12:04 am

Was it hot the handle as well? One of the features of well made dinnerware is its ability to hold heat. This keeps food/drinks hot for longer.


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