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Air Fryer vs Convection Toaster Oven

Air Fryer vs Convection Toaster Oven which is better? Air Fryers are great tools, pop food in and it comes out fried. However, what most people dont know is that they already have a air fryer at home. The toaster oven. The main difference is that most Toaster Oven does not have a fan. It circulates the hot air and cook food more evenly. Those who do have a fan, are usually less effective in comparison to a full sized Air Fryer. But is the difference worth it to buy a separate appliance?

How do they Work?

A air fryer is a toaster oven with a giant fan. The main difference is how its implemented. On the top, there is a giant heating coil. Right beneath that, there is a huge fan. That fan circulates the hot air and bakes the food.

If you compare that to a toaster oven, there is a heating element on the top and bottom. While it does work, its not nearly as effective as a air fryer. There are toaster oven with a tiny fan built on the side. These essentially work the same as a air fryer and are known as convection Toaster Oven. However, the main benefit of a Air Fryer is its ease of use. The basket is front loaded for easy accessibility. These basket usually have perforation so that air can flow through the food easier. Between cooking, you toss the food for more even cooking.

Is an Air Fryer better than a Toaster Oven

I would argue not necessarily. The ending result is usually very different. Air Fryers are great for food that is traditionally fried. Things like Potato Wedges, Chicken Nugget and any breaded item. You can still use it like a oven as well. You can bake pizza or even brownies. But because of the way its designed its not efficient. The basket is smaller and you can only bake small amount at a time. With a toaster oven, they are usually bigger and wider. Its a lot easier to bake a full pizza and a dozen cookies.

Toaster Oven with fans can work very much like a Air Fryer as well. The fan might not circulate as well but the results are similar but slightly inferior.


Perhaps one of the best thing about a Air Fryer is Cleaning. Its much more easier to clean than a toaster oven. With a toaster oven, they start to accumulate grease and those baked on grease are a chore to clean. Scrubbing it with a sponge is marginally effective. And the Best result I ever got was with a Oven Cleaner. However, that emits a strong fume and should be done out door.

Air Fryers interior is coated with nonstick. Any baked on grease can be easily remove with a soap and a sponge. If that doesn’t work, a simple soak of water will take care of it.

Air Fryer vs Convection Toaster Oven Thoughts

These two device are very similar. However, their strength lies in the different task that they can do. If you like baking food like pizza or cookies, a traditional Convection Toaster Oven is better. However, for food that is traditionally fried, like fries or wings, then a Air Fryer is better. They are also easier to clean as well.

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