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Best Soup and Kitchen Ladle

A good Soup and Kitchen Ladle makes serving soup a breeze. You can skim crud, measure liquid and serve guest. However, this seemingly simple device has a lot of component to it. From the rolled lip to the hooked corner, all these things can make a difference between a great […]

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Best Ramen Noodle Bowl Set

Nothing is more comforting than a warm bowl of Ramen. Famed for its many different broth, its one of the most beloved dish in Japan. This noodle sensation is slowly taken america by storm. Now, you can find many popup ramen shops throughout the states. For those of us who […]

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Best Garlic Press

Smash, Peel, Mince, puree are all the steps that goes into preparing garlic. While traditional chef say that its faster with a knife, my experience says that it doesnt beat the convenience. Often time professional chef will have many helper preparing food for them. When you are at home, youre […]

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Best Pasta Server Spoon and Tong

Tongs are great for grabbing and flipping object. However, when it comes to pasta, its another story. Those wet noodles wiggle and get lose. To get around this, you need specializes Pasta Spoon and Tongs that can latch onto the noodles. There are quite a few on the market, they […]

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Best Large Ice Cube Trays

Ice Cubes are a must for drinks. However, the problem with ice cubes is that they tend to water down drink. A large ice cube is a great alternative. Since they have less contact surface area they melt at a slower rate. What you get is a drink that stays […]

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Best Himalayan Salt Block

Himalayan Salt Block is a versatile kitchen equipment. You can serve, cut and grill all on the same block. Best of all, its anti microbial and adds flavor while it cooks. While I would like to say that not all are the same, to be quite frank, salt is salt. […]

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Best Measuring Cups and Spoon

While some of the old school chef might just eyeball ingredients, those who are following the recipes, might not have the same experience. Getting a good measuring spoon and cups is the key to helping you get accurate measurement. However, a lot of these spoons have issues. It ranges from […]

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Norwalk Juicer Review

Juice is one of the healthiest drinks on the planet. Getting the right extraction without destroying the enzymes, is the challenging part. What usually cause the enzyme to be destroyed is heat. Which is why you see a lot of advert stating the operating temperature. Norwalk Juicer is one of […]

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