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Best Ramen Noodle Bowl Set

Nothing is more comforting than a warm bowl of Ramen. Famed for its many different broth, its one of the most beloved dish in Japan. This noodle sensation is slowly taken america by storm. Now, you can find many popup ramen shops throughout the states. For those of us who do not have one close by, you have the option to make your own. And what better way to start eating ramen at home then having your very own ramen noodle bowl set.

Why do you need a Ramen Noodle Bowl?

Unlike traditional bowl, ramen starts out narrow and expands outward. Typical bowls are more round and smaller in diameter. While you can technically eat in it, it makes it difficult to drink and eat noodles. Besides, visual presentation are harder to do. You need enough space to plate the individual pieces for a attractive presentation.

Design and Artistic Direction

Many of these bowls have colors, patterns and different artwork. The most traditional bowl used in Japanese Restaurant is the Black exterior with a red lining. While bowls with different patterns and artwork are fun, they can distract from the food. However I do see the appeal when some of these bowl features your favorite anime character. Or even a fun fish artwork.

These bowl set will often times come with a matching spoon and chopstick sets. Perfect for when you need a matching theme to your serving table.


As with any bowl, there are many different type of materials used. For the home setting most would like a heavy ceramic bowl. But in the restaurant industry, the favorite one is a melamine plastic. These melamine plastic wont shatter and is generally more durable than its counterpart.

I personally prefer a heavy ceramic bowl since it feels of premium quality. But if you have a lot of kids around, a melamine bowl might be a good alternative for you.

What Size Should a Ramen Noodle Bowl Be?

The size of your ramen bowl depends on your recipe and serving size. Generally, the larger the bowl is, the easier it is to plate. However, I caution not to get one that is too big. Most people wouldnt be able to finish it. Second, if you under serve, it will looks like your skimping. Each model will have different oz listed from 32 – 40 plus oz. I recommend you get a range of size for the best results.

Donburi vs Ramen Bowl

Donburi bowl has a rounded bottom and is generally smaller in diameter. They are usually meant to serve rice with other toppings. Ramen bowl are not typically used when serving rice. In fact, I do not believe I have ever seen it used once in Japan. A donburi bowl is synonymous with rice.

Best Ramen Noodle Bowl Set List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Ramen Noodle Bowl Set around. Since there are many different patterns, material and sizes, you should find one that best suits your need.

Ceramic Japanese Ramen Noodle Soup Bowl 60 Oz (Best Large Ramen Bowl)

For a full sized 60 oz ramen bowl, these ceramic bowls are beautiful and well made. Its hefty portion is enough to carry broth, noodles and all the toppings you need. It wont overflow like those smaller bowl. The fish design is also stunning to look at, giving it a Japanese flair. This set comes with matching chopstick and soup spoon to bring it all together.

Vallenwood 4 Noodle Bowl (16 piece) Melamine Large Ramen Bowls Set (Most Durable and Authentic Set)

If you want a bowl like the one you get in restaurant, vallenwood is your best bet. The red and blue color can be seen in many Japanese diner. The melamine bowl also means that it wont shatter like the ceramic bowl. Perfect if you have kids or just clumsy family member. These bowls are 32 oz in size so its a bit smaller than the ceramic model.

Overwatch Ramen Bowl Set (Best Cartoon Anime Bowl Set)

If you like overwatch or just want a anime style bowl, then Pachimari Ramen Bowl set is a great option. It has a matching chop stick that is just fun to use. Just be aware, that this bowl resembles more of a donburi than a authentic ramen bowl. If anything, I would just use it as a side server for rice.


A ramen bowl is a perfect vessel for serving noodle. You can serve all types of noodle from pho to la mein. The wide flaring sides makes it perfect plating and noodles. Smaller donburi bowls are difficult to eat noodles because its hard to get a good ratio of noodles and soup. There are many options from ceramic to melamine. If you want a premium feeling, I recommend ceramic. However, for durability and practicality, you cant beat the tried and true melamine bowl.

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