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Best Himalayan Salt Block

Himalayan Salt Block is a versatile kitchen equipment. You can serve, cut and grill all on the same block. Best of all, its anti microbial and adds flavor while it cooks. While I would like to say that not all are the same, to be quite frank, salt is salt. The major difference between brands is namely down to size and the ancillary equipment that comes with it. With that being said, some of those accessories can make a difference in cooking.

Best Himalayan Salt Block List

Below you will find a list of some of the Best Himalayan Salt Block on the market. The main difference between these blocks are the size and the accessories.

Himalayan Chef Pink Salt Plate (Best for Grilling)

Himalayan Chef Pink Salt Plate is one of the best salt block for cooking. It comes in at a generous 2 inch thickness. This ensures that you can keep on cooking on it without wearing it down. I recommend avoiding brands with that is less than 2 inch, you are paying more for less. This model comes with a easy to hold metal tray. You can stick it both on the grill or leave it on the table.

Himalayan Chef Pink Salt Cooking and Serving Plate (Best for Serving)

Himalayan Chef is a great block if you plan on serving it on the table. All you need to do is prepare the food and place it on top. The bamboo wooden tray will give it a beautiful accent to your dining table. This model is affordable and comes in a compact size for both individual or as a center piece.

How to Use a Salt Block

The main way people use a Himalayan is for serving purpose. They add a bit of flavor and beauty during presentation. Some manufacturer will provide custom wood block holder to improve its aesthetic value. Others will use the salt block as a grilling pan. Both are adequate ways of using it.

However, I do not recommend cutting on the salt block. Since its not particularly hard, you can easily gouge it. Overtime, it will provide a uneven cooking surface.

Cooking on a Himalayan Salt Block

The benefit of cooking on a salt block is flavor. Since most people dont regularly season their food, the salt block will do it for them. As you cook, the salt will slowly draw into the steak or vegetables. This will provide a perfect seasoned dish. If you find that the dish is a little under season, you can always move the food around, it will pick up salt as you do this.

Cooking on a salt block is a little different from cooking on a grill. You cant just heat it up and toss food on it. Because of the construction, you need to slowly heat it up. If you dont, you run the risk for cracking it. The same is also true when you cool it. If you plan on serving right after cooking, I recommend placing a towel on the table. This way it will reduce the chance of it cracking. They dont do very well with a sudden change in temperature.


To clean a salt block, just use a damp towel and wipe off any stuck on food. Do not use water or soap. That will wear down the salt block really quick. What that mean is that avoid running it with water under a sink. Since salt is naturally antimicrobial, you dont need soap. You can store it in any corner.


A Himalayan Salt Block is a great tool for both grilling and serving. Its beautiful to look at and it adds flavor while you cook. Just be aware that there is some rules you must follow when cooking. Gently heating it up and cooling it down will reduce your chance when cooking. With that being said, most salt block are the same, they just comes in different sizes and accessories. I generally recommend that you get blocks that are at least 2 inch thick. They will last the longest.

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