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Best Pasta Server Spoon and Tong

Tongs are great for grabbing and flipping object. However, when it comes to pasta, its another story. Those wet noodles wiggle and get lose. To get around this, you need specializes Pasta Spoon and Tongs that can latch onto the noodles. There are quite a few on the market, they range from plastic to stainless steel. There is even open ended models that lets you twist and twirl the noodles. While all of them work, you should get one that best suits your needs.

How do they Work?

Pasta Spoons and Tongs work because they have extra long fork. When you go to grab the noodles, it gets trapped between the forks. You can also twirl it together to lock it in place. Regular Tongs only have scalloped edge. While they are great for grabbing solid food, noodles will simply slip away. The pasta spoon works the same way. Except, it doesnt have a clamp to hold it in. You need to dip and twirl for it to be effective.

Pasta Spoon Hole

In the center of the pasta spoon there is a hole. That hole is there to let you drain excess liquid. This prevents it from watering down your sauce or dish.

For some models, they are designed to measure the serving size. Grab the dry pasta and stick it in the hole. That equates to one serving size. Just be aware, that this is not true for all manufacturer.

Which Material is Best?

In my opinion, wood is the best material for Pasta Spoon. They dont scratch the nonstick surface and its generally safe for all cookware. They also give a rustic look when you serve your guest. However, the issue is that they arent as durable as the other material. Plastic is a good alternative, but it doesn’t look appealing when you are serving guest.

For the tongs, I generally like the metal one. They are the most durable and the fins generally last a while. However, I would be careful with nonstick pans. You can easily ruin it. In this situation, you can go for a plastic option. Unfortunately, they dont make wooden pasta tongs.

Best Pasta Spoon

Since there are quite a few option on the market, I have segmented them by material. Each of them have their own quirks, so choose the one that best suits you.

Eddington 50016 Italian Olive Wood Pasta Server (Best Wood Pasta Spoon)

Eddington Pasta Spoon is one of the best on the market. Unlike other wooden spoon, these use long sticks to help you trap and move spaghetti. To use it, stick it in the pasta and twirl. You should be able to get a huge chunk of noodle out. This model also uses olive wood. It gives it a stunning look, especially when serving. Unfortunately, this model does not have a hole in it.

OXO Good Grips Nylon Spaghetti Server (Best Plastic Option)

For a great plastic option, OXO nylon spaghetti server is a great option to serve noodles and protect your cookware. Unlike the metal option, the soft nylon wont scratch its surface. This model is temperature safe to 400 degree Fahrenheit. While it wont melt while serving, I wouldnt let it rest on the pot when cooking. The holes in this model is designed only to drain liquid, not to measure serving size.

OXO 59791 SteeL Spaghetti Server (Best Metal Pasta Server Spoon)

If you want the durability of steel, then oxo wins again. The center hole will measure one serving size. Great for when you are watching your portion size. The handles has comfortable silicone grip so it wont fatigue nor will it slip from your hands. This model is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Best Pasta Tongs

Tongs are a little bit more effective when grabbing noodles. Instead of twirling, you can just clamp. However, the options are not as extensive as the spoons. I have to be honest with you, there isnt a big market for this, and the quality is questionable. I recommend you stick with spoon, but if its a necessity, then consider the brand below.

2 Pieces Stainless Steel Spaghetti Server Set

For a two piece set, this brand gives you the option of both the tong and spoon. Then can latch on and grab the noodles. Best of all, you get both so you can serve multiple guest at the same time. I just caution you to be careful when you use it on nonstick pan. Best if you can avoid it all together.


Serving pasta should not be a struggle. If you have the right tools, you dont have to fumble come serving time. I personally think the wooden pasta serving spoon is the best option. They look beautiful and it wont scratch your cookware. However, nylon is better for durability, it just doesnt look as nice. Metal is a also a great option, just avoid nonstick cookware. If you need a pasta tong, they work well, just be aware that in the states, the options are very limited.

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