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Best Sushi, Rice and Onigiri Mold

Japanese food are a delight, they come in various shapes, colors and design. There is even a trend where they make cartoon character out of food. However, for those of us who are into more basic design, making well shaped sushi and onigiri can be a challenge. Luckily, there are easy to use molds out there that can change this. From the rolls, square to even cartoon character, there is a rice mold for each occasion.

How to Use Onigiri and Sushi Mold

Traditional sushi and onigiri are shaped by either hand or a bamboo mat. However, that requires lots of training to do well. But if you use a mold, all you have to do is fill it with cook rice and put in the filling. Finish it with rice. To unmold the rice, I like to reverse it and then tap it onto the table. If that doesnt work, then wet the mold a bit before filling it. It should release very easily.

I find that Onigiri benefit the most. If you have multiple mold, you can have a makeshift assembly line. Soon you will make 10-15 onigiri within 5 minutes. If you have the different ingredients lined up, you can make a wide variety of onigiri.

How to Use Wooden Sushi Mold

Wooden Sushi mold uses the same concept, but its built a little different. There are three section, the bottom, mid and top. First place some saran wrap over the bottom, then place the mid over it. Start wetting the mold to prevent sticking. Fill the mold with rice and other food. Place a saran wrap on top and use the lid to press and form the shape. Once that is done, lift the lid and mid section up. You should have a nice even square. Finish by putting toppings and nori seaweed.

Plastic vs Wood Onigiri Mold

Today, plastic sushi and onigiri molds are more common. They are more durable and generally do not stick. Plus, you can stick it in the dishwasher. However, wooden molds, typically bamboos are still use these days. They have a few drawback. First, they stick unless you wet it. Second, they do have a wear life. However, many professional Japanese chef still prefer to use the wooden model. You typically find it as a rectangular box. Wooden onigiri models with odd shapes are not common. You also need a bit more skill to use the wooden sushi mold.

What Fillings to Use?

One of my favorite fillings to use is Pork Floss. It is Chinese shredded pork that has a slightly sweet flavor. However, you can use other stuff like smoke salmon or wasabi. It really depends on what you decide to eat. I also recommend wrapping the exterior with some nori to complete the authentic taste.

Preparing Onigiri Overnight and Storage

It is generally recommended that you not prepare it overnight. The reason is that rice can get hard due to the cold. When you bite it, the texture will be all wrong. If you must do so, wrap it in clingfilm so that it can retain as much moisture. You can however, prepare it a few hours in advance. You will lose little in terms of flavor that way. It makes for a great takeaway lunch or dinner.

Best Sushi, Rice and Onigiri Mold List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Sushi, Rice and Onigiri Mold. They come in different shapes and material, choose one that best suits your needs.

Kaneyama Seaweed Wrappers for Triangular “Onigiri” Rice Ball Starter Kits (Best Starter Kit)

If you just want to get started making onigiri, Kaneyama set comes with both molds and easy to use nori. Just follow the instructions on the package and you will have already wrapped onigiri. Its also very affordable, great if you want to learn how to start making your own onigiri. The only downside is that it only comes with one mold.

KISEER 6 Pcs Plastic Sushi Mold Case Box Triangle Rice Mold Maker with Lid

If you dont need a starter kit and just need molds, then Kiseer 6 piece mold set is a great option. Good if you want to make multiple batches for your family or just for lunch. You do have to buy your own nori though.

Kotobuki Oshizushi Wood Sushi Mold (Best Wood Sushi Mold)

For the truly dedicated, Kotobuki offers a authentic handmade in Japan wooden sushi box. This model uses Japanese Cypress wood for the best result. It does require some skill and water to make it work effectively, however, once you master it, you wont head back.

Happy Sales HSSM-ONGR5 (Best Plastic Sushi Mold)

If you just want a simple to use plastic sushi mold, the happy sales is a great option. All you need to do is fill it with rice and press. You can pop out a bunch of sushi within minutes. Just prepare the topping beforehand.

2 Pack Musubi Maker Press (Best for Musubi)

If you like the flavor of hawaii and have some spam on hand, then musubi should be your go to dish. Instead of raw fish, musubi uses pan fried span as a topping. The salty taste of spam goes well with rice. This mold will make form and shaping the rice a breeze.

Best Sushi, Rice and Onigiri Mold Thoughts

Making Sushi and Onigiri shouldnt be difficult. As long as you have the right tools, then it can be a cinch. Since the price of sushi can go up for 10 to 20 dollar per roll. Making it at home is a good alternative. There are a few different options available. For onigiri, I recommend going for the plastic variety. However, for sushi, nothing beats the traditional wood design. Although plastic is still a good option if you want speed.

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