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Best Soy Sauce Dispenser

Soy Sauce was originally invented as a way of prolonging the life of salt. However, nowadays it one of the most used condiments in asia. From eggs, soups and even rice, soy sauce can enhance the flavor of any dish. Keeping it handy at your table is crucial for easy access and enjoyment. However, the dispenser that are available are often lackluster. They will drip down the side and cause a mess. The good thing that there are some affordable and exceptional models on the market.

Why is your Bottle Dripping?

The reason why liquid runs down the side of the pitcher or dispenser is surface tension. Since liquid tend to stick together, if you do not pour at a fast enough rate, it will cling to the side. Some dispenser will have rolled corner to increase the rate of pouring to prevent this. You can find some with a squeezable bottom to force it out at a faster rate.

Why do Soy Sauce Bottle have Two Holes?

Some bottles will have two holes to prevent a vacuum from occurring. Ever try to drain liquid from a canned jar? If you only puncture one side of it, it will take forever to come out. You can remedy this by poking a hole on the other side. One of the winning soy sauce dispenser uses this design.

What is the Best Soy Sauce?

There are many different type of soy sauce on the market. Brands, models and region will vary in flavor. Soy Sauce from Japan will taste different from those made in China. While you can technically say those traditionally made model from Japan are better, the mass produce variety are still made very well. When it comes down to it, whether its aged or just produced rapidly, the flavor is the most important thing. I personally have preference for the Kikkoman and Maggi Brand. But others will find brands like Lee Kum Kee to be good.

Just be aware, that there are soy sauce for different purpose. If you are looking for a dispenser, I am assuming that these soy sauce are meant primarily as a condiment to a dish.

Storage and Shelf Life

Due to the salt content, the shelf life of soy sauce can usually be a few years. Although after opening it, the potency of flavor will drop. Oxidization will occur and it will start to lose its aroma. Which is why its generally advised that you buy smaller bottles if you can. Larger bottles are better if you have a big family and run through the supplies quickly.

For the exact shelf life, I recommend looking at the best buy date of each manufacturer.

You can store soy sauce in room temperature at the table. They do not need to be refrigerated unless specified.

Best Soy Sauce Dispenser List

There are a lot of models of soy sauce dispenser. They all have their own unique design and characteristic. Choose one that best suit your need.

Kikkoman Soy Sauce in Dispenser 5 fl oz (Best Traditional Model)

Kikkoman Soy Sauce in Dispenser can be seen in any asian restaurant. These bottles are simple and they work. They use the two holes design to prevent it from dripping down the side. When you buy them, they comes prefilled with soy sauce. However, you can easily refill them by untwisting the cap. The only downside I see is the Kikkoman logo. Your guest might be a little confused if you switch it out.

OXO Good Grips Precision Pour Glass Soy Sauce Dispenser (Best Overall)

If you just want a simple bottle with a different design, the oxo is a good choice. Like the kikkoman, this model uses a small vent hole. This prevent a suction from occurring and let the liquid flow freely. The pouring lip is also rolled so that it prevents dripping.

Kikkoman Hello Kitty Soy Sauce Dispenser 2015 Special Edition

For a cool limited edition Hello Kitty model, Kikkoman makes a variation of their traditional design. It performs just as well plus it will please any kids who love hello kitty. It is a little bit more pricey than the standard model, but great if you are a collector.


Soy Sauce is a great condiment for any type of dish. They are packed full of umami and can bring new life to your food. However, badly designed Soy Sauce Dispenser can drip and get all over the table. In my opinion one of the best is also the most traditional model. A simple two spout design is all you really need. However, for those who like a more contemporary style, the models by oxo is a great alternative.

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